Iowa Courts Under Attack

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Iowa’s courts are under attack, from a Governor and legislature who want to put politics front and center in the courtroom.

Will you help us fight back by clicking here to send a message to legislators?

Our courts have always been held up as an example of how to best prevent political influence when appointing judges. The merit based system has been in place for decades, but now there are two proposals in the legislature that would allow a political power grab on behalf of the Governor and legislature because they’ve disagreed with a few rulings. That’s not how independent courts are supposed to work.

It’s critical that we contact legislators, and tell them to oppose these proposals. Our friends at Justice Not Politics (see below) have a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats, all working together to preserve our courts.

Click here to help safeguard our courts from political influence. Tell the legislators on the House Judiciary Committee to oppose this dangerous proposal!

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Sinovic

Progress Iowa


From: Justice Not Politics

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 2:44 PM

Subject: Iowa courts are under attack


Iowa’s fair and impartial courts are under attack. Will you help us fight back?

It is with grave concern that we write to sound the alarm at the actions of politicians at the Statehouse to politicize Iowa’s courts.

The judicial branch in Iowa has long served its citizens well and holds a much-deserved reputation for fairness and impartiality.

Two identical pieces of legislation are making there way through the legislative process that would greatly harm the well-tested and non-partisan process of choosing Iowa’s judges and justices.

The proposed legislation will insert politics directly into the process that is specifically intended to be non-partisan. The bill gives the governor and legislative leaders – all partisan officials – complete control over the judicial selection system. This is a power grab at the most extreme level by some in the legislature and will cause great harm to our independent judiciary.

Nothing is more important to the rights we hold dear than protecting the independence of our courts. Please follow this Action Alert right away to send a message to members of the House Judiciary Committee, where this bill will soon be voted on.


As always, we appreciate your advocacy on behalf of a fair and independent judiciary.

Thank you,

The Justice Not Politics Team

P.S. Our courts are under threat now more than ever. Please contact the legislature by clicking here today!

Editor’s note:

Couple a politicized judicial appointment system with voter suppression which is already happening in Iowa  and gerrymandering to favor one party over another (which we don’t currently have but I am sure is on the wish list someplace) and the judiciary is no longer the independent arbiter of justice that it is supposed to be. 

Instead the judiciary becomes yet another part of the government where partisanship trumps truth. This is something every citizen should fear.

Please click on the links and send a message that a partisan judiciary is not the Iowa way.  The bill is HSB10. 

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  1. Anne Duncan says:

    Who are the Republicans who are part of Justice Not Politics? Is even a single Iowa Republican state legislator among them? It’s Republican legislators who need to hear from their constituents about this awful proposal. Democratic legislators already know it’s awful and they aren’t the ones who can stop it.


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