Sunday Funday: Scary New Year Edition

One Illinois policeman can look forward to a bit more time on earth (46 seconds)

With the crazy man in the White House who knows what is going to happen in the next 12 months. Odds on bet is that it won’t be good for you and me. An almost certain bet is that it will not be good for children of any stripe. The climate will make major steps toward uninhabitable as those who can make a huge difference opt instead for huge profits. Schools will continued to be underfunded. And of course the gun culture will continue to take huge amounts of lives in this country, many of whom will be innocent children who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The chances of this country coming to its senses on guns, climate or health care are very slim. A sea change in each or any of these categories would save huge public and private dollars and create a huge amount of new jobs. Therefore it probably won’t happen. Unless the last bastion against autocracy – the Democratic House – somehow is able to turn the mindset of the country. Never say never.

Two weeks to make up. Both weeks seemed rather unholiday like:

  1. So when does Nancy Pelosi become Speaker once again?
  1. Since last we met, Dear leader announced he would withdraw American troops from what country?
  1. That announcement led to the resignation of what major cabinet officer?
  1. That cabinet officer announced he would stay on until the end of February. When will he actually leave?
  1. The Justice Department announced a ban on what firearm attachment?
  1. What state will have a majority of women in their state legislature in 2019?
  1. As of yesterday, what state will have the lowest blood alcohol limit at .05%?
  1. Dear Leader said that a child how many years old is ‘marginal’ for believing in Santa Claus?
  1. The US Surgeon General issued an advisory on what habit that is growing in popularity among teens?
  1. Acting AG, Iowan Matt Whitaker claimed he received what honor in college that he did not?
  1. What (former) power couple were named respectively as the the most admired man and the most admired woman in the world.
  1. “The Notorious RBG” (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) survived surgery for what disease?
  1. In Missouri a man convicted of poaching deer was sentenced to watch what movie once a month during his year in jail?
  1. A second child has died due to the incompetence of those on our southern border. As with the first child to die in this predicament, this child was also from what country?
  1. According to an exit interview with Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Republican senators privately say that Dear Leader is what?
  1. More than 4 million American school children experienced what extremely traumatic event during school last year?
  1. As the year draws to a close there is still one election for the US House that has yet to be decided in what state?
  1. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announce a $575 million settlement with what financial company Friday?
  1. An American finished a solo race across what formidable continent in 53 days, besting a competitor from Britain?
  1. Dear Leader claims if he doesn’t get his wall, he will shut down the southern border. How will he shut down the border?


John Fugelsang went on an amazing tweet spree concerning the border on Christmas Eve. Really worth a read – @ 20 tweets – including this one:

“If US politiicians really wanted undocumented immigration to end, they’d start locking up the Americans who hire them.  The demand for undocumented labor would swiftly end. They never talk about that.  There’s a giant “Help Wanted” sign at our border and it’s not coming down. “


  1. January 3rd – that is Thursday!
  1. Syria
  1. Sec. Of Defense James Mattis
  1. At the latest, tomorrow. He may already be gone.
  1. Bump stocks 
  1. Nevada
  1. Utah. Not sure if you can even sniff wine at that level
  1. 7
  1. Vaping 
  1. Academic all-American. Uh – no you didn’t, Matt.
  1. Barack and Michelle Obama
  1. Lung cancer
  1. Bambi
  1. Guatamala
  1. Nuts
  1. A lock down.
  1. 9th CD of North Carolina
  1. Wells Fargo (sadly this is not a very big hit to Wells Fargo)
  1. Antarctica
  1. I am really curious – just how does he intend to shut down the border?

One more from Fugelsang:

“President Ronald Reagan supported Amnesty (his word) and argued that open borders allow them return home when they’re done working here.”

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