Sunday Funday: A Week Without Dear Leader Edition

Image (1) santa-thumb.jpg for post 8785Not sure about you folks, but I am thoroughly sick and tired of the shenanigans of Dear Leader as he tries to turn the US into the an oligarchy with him as the biggest Ollie. I still like Oliver Hardy as the best Ollie ever – take that Dear Leader! So let’s just lean back and hopefully have some fun today and forget about old what’s-his-name.

I have a friend whose culture celebrates “longest night” on the 21st. That sure seems to me to be a holiday that should be looked into.

How about some offbeat trivia and Christmas and Holiday trivia today?

  1. Here’s one for the Boomers out there. Kids ask Grandma and Grandpa about this one. On Iowa’s old license plates where counties were listed by number (alphabetically) what was county 82?
  1. What does the word “wassailing” as in “Here we come a-wassailing” mean?
  1. According to most historians what time of the year was Jesus most likely born?
  1. Gingerbread houses became popular in the 19th century after what story was released by the Brothers Grimm?
  1. Five years ago what Fox Newser faced a big backlash when she asserted Santa Claus was white?
  1. The famous “Christmas Truce” happened during what major war?
  1. What Catholic saint is credited with bringing carols into church services? (Hint: think the saint of animals)
  1. The first mention of a Mrs. Clause was in a short story “A Christmas Legend” by John Rees. About what year was this story published?
  1. Women began taking the job of department store Santa Claus when what caused a shortage of manpower in the US? (Hint: women also became riveters etc.)
  1. The week of December 21st, 1968 (50 years ago) the top rock and roll record was what?
  1. Do the 12 days of Christmas come before or after December 25th?
  1. What does the word Advent mean?
  1. James Edgar was the first known person to dress as Santa Claus for his own department store in Brockton, Massachusetts. Any idea when he first did this?
  1. When did NORAD start tracking Santa Claus? (they needed to know where he was so they didn’t try to shoot him down)
  1. How long has that little narc, Elf on the Shelf, been around to rat out bad kids?
  1. Robert May wrote the book “Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer” and Johnny Marks wrote the song. What was their relationship in real life?
  1. “While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.” What is a sugar plum anyway?
  1. Christmas night 1776, What American general launched a sneak attack across the Delaware River into Mew Jersey?
  1. Christmas Day 1968 we got to see some our of this world television from where?
  1. In Japan, what is the most popular food for Christmas Day?

OK  – mostly Christmas trivia. Hope you are enjoying it

The real war on Christmas:


  1. Scott (Davenport)
  1. It is a walking, caroling party that would sometimes include pranks if a house was not generous enough with goodies.
  1. Springtime
  1. Hansel and Gretel
  1. Megan Kelly 
  1. WWI or t what was then known as The Great War
  1. St. Francis of Assisi
  1. The story was published in 1849 
  1. WWII
  1. “I heard it through the grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
  1. After
  1. The coming of a great person or event
  1. 1890
  1. 1955 – it is a fascinating story that begins with Sears accidentally publishing NORAD’s telephone number as Santa’s number.
  1. Since 2005
  1. They were brothers-in-law
  1. It is a comfit – a seed or nut or bit of spice – with layers of herd sugar on it. Usually only for the rich.
  1. George Washington!
  1. Apollo 8 as it orbited the moon
  1. KFC. You have to get your order in days ahead of time or plan on waiting in line for hours to get some.

Some old guy and David Bowie:

Merry Christmas!

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