Sunday Funday: Long Winter’s Night Edition

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The quiz is usually written on Friday afternoon. This used to be a fairly good time to put a quiz about weekly news happenings together because seldom did anything of import happen after Friday morning. Now in the time of Dear Leader anything that is timely can’t be written too far ahead. Even a day old makes it look like ancient history these days. So questions on the big news of the day – indictments from Mueller and the reaction will unfortunately be missing

With that in mind we bring you this important news. Due to the axial tilt of the planet that brings us the change in seasons and a wobble therein (or so I have been told) we are in the midst of the earliest nightfall of the year. This will continue until next Thursday, Dec. 13th. Dec. 13th is Santa Lucia Day, Lucia is a derivative of the Latin word for light, lux. So those who made up the ancient calendars were really on the ball on tracking the cycles of the sun. You would think it was really important to them.

Things just get more and more – uh – goofy?

  1. Elections have been over for a month, but two remain undecided. Results in North Carolina are being held up because of what?
  1. The other result being held up is in Maine where a recount is under way because of what new way of voting is in place and the previous count is contested?
  1. George HW Bush died last Saturday. Among many positions he held was that of ‘Head Spook’ meaning he held what position?
  1. Kid Rock lost his gig as Grand Marshall of the Nashville Christmas Parade after he called what TV personality a “bitch”?
  1. Confusion seemed to reign after Dear Leader claimed he had new trade deal with what country while that country claimed there was no such deal?
  1. What company announced it would deploy “autonomous janitors” in 360 of its stores?
  1. Speaking of jobs, what CEO appeared before a congressional committee to discuss impending plant closings?
  1. In the Russia investigation, what important figure got a recommendation of no jail time last week?
  1. Many of the stories about George HW Bush noted he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act. Who originally introduced this bill into congress?
  1. What Republican senator in an editorial stated the GOP should stop nominating judges with ‘questionable track records on race’?
  1. What political organization recently reported its emails had been hacked during the midterms?
  1. What sports governing body filed for bankruptcy last week?
  1. Fallout from a sex scandal involving children in South Florida is threatening to engulf what cabinet member?
  1. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough told a UN Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland that what is on the horizon?
  1. Iowa’s Chuck Grassley let it be known that he would appear with only what candidate before the Iowa caucuses?
  1. What country announced that it would leave OPEC in January?
  1. The “Yellow Vest Movement” is a protest taking place in what country?
  1. In Severance, Colorado 9 year old Dane Best persuaded the town council to end the ban on what?
  1. A housekeeper at a golf course owned by Dear Leader has outed herself as being what?
  1. Former President Barack Obama met with what 2 rising stars in the Democratic Party in the past week?

John Fugelsang

“Imagine being at a funeral and feeling all that scorn, condemnation and hate.

And that’s just from Melania.”


  1. What looks like election fraud perpetrated on behalf of the Republican candidate
  1. Ranked choice voting
  1. Head of the CIA
  1. Joy Behar. Rock was explaining how he loved everybody, but then made that exception for Behar.
  1. China – the fallout of this was one cause of the stock market tailspin this week.
  1. Walmart
  1. Mary Barra, CEO of GM
  1. Michael Flynn
  1. Iowa senator Tom Harkin
  1. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republican senator
  1. RNCC
  1. USA Gymnastics  – fallout from the Larry Nasser sex scandal
  1. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.
  1. The collapse of civilization due to climate change.
  1. Dear Leader!
  1. Qatar
  1. France
  1. Snowball throwing. 
  1. An undocumented alien
  1. Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum.

Andy Borowitz:  

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—“Pushing back against criticism of her lack of diplomatic experience, Donald J. Trump’s choice to be the next United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Heather Nauert, said on Friday that a memorable visit to the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World made her eminently qualified for the U.N. post.

“When people look at me, they think Heather Nauert, former Fox News anchor,” Nauert told reporters at the State Department. “What they don’t realize is I’m also Heather Nauert, who went on ‘It’s a Small World’ three times when she was nine.”

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