Sunday Funday: Thanksgiving Hangover Edition


Probably should have seen this before that Thanksgiving Day dinner (4.5 minutes)

Democratic victories across the country two weeks ago led to some more comfortable Thanksgiving Day meals for many. Now there is hope that for at least 2 years no one will reimpose pre-existing condition restrictions for health insurance in this country – the only country in the world where such things even exist. There is also hope that for at least 2 years Social Security will not be messed with, nor Medicare turned into another insurance program.

There is still this 5 week or so lame duck period where Republicans can screw everything up to high heaven as a going away gift to America. Keep your eyes and eyes tuned in to what is happening. If we let the Holidays distract us we may well lose the three items mentioned above in a second since Republicans will still control both houses of congress until about January 3rd.

Even a holiday week isn’t quiet anymore.

  1. In a surprise statement what member of the Supreme Court spoke out against a criticism of the court system by Dear Leader?
  1. What member of congress immediately leapt into the fray to defend Dear Leader?
  1. Democrats in the Iowa House picked who as their new leader for the next term since Mark Smith of Marshalltown stepped aside?
  1. Vladimir Putin once again declared his country did nothing to sabotage the 2016 US election, this time to what senior government official?
  1. In an interview with Fox “News” Chris Wallace, Dear Leader gave himself what grade for his term so far?
  1. A non-concession speech admitting she could not win the Georgia governorship was issued by what Democratic candidate last week? 
  1. Supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes, originally appointed by then-Gov. Jeb Bush, resigned from her position in what Florida county after 15 years?
  1. Tuesday there will be an important US senate runoff election in what state?
  1. Five companies including retail giant Walmart asked for campaign contributions back after which candidate in the above race made comments that seemed to approve lynching?
  1. At a public meeting in Leavenworth County, Kansas, white Commissioner Louis Klemp told a black woman city planner (while pointing at himself) that “we are” what?
  1. Bass Pro Shops pulled a rifle from sale that commemorated what dark blemish in American history after calls to boycott the company hit the internet?
  1. In a change in policy, the Texas School Board approved a motion that schools will teach that what played the central role in the Civil War?
  1. In a stunning statement Tuesday, Dear Leader said that the US will maintain a “steadfast friendship” with what country?
  1. Drug company Kaleo raised prices on opioid overdose drug by what percentage over a 3 year period a Senate Investigation Committee revealed last week?
  1. Dear Leader continued his assault on our military claiming that what leader of the Osama Bin Laden assassination team should have done the job much sooner?
  1. 55 years this country stood almost still as whose funeral took place?
  1. Months late financial disclosure documents showed that Acting AG Matthew Whitaker received over $900,000 from what kind of an organization?
  1. Don’t hold your breath but Gov. Reynolds says she may restore voting rights to what disenfranchised group?
  1. In a bad foreboding sign for the economy, orders for durable goods fell nearly what percent, for the third decline in the past 4 months?
  1. Interpol rejected the nomination of a former government official from what country to be its new president fearing he would lead the agency into pursuing political opponents?
  1. “But her emails” can now be said about what senior administration official?

From Andy Borowitz:

“Putin furious at Saudis for using his puppet without permission”  (do I need to tell you who?) 


  1. Chief Justice Roberts
  1. Chuck (let’s hope it’s his last term) Grassley
  1. Todd Prichard of Charles City
  1. VP Pence
  1. A+ –   but only because he couldn’t go any higher
  1. Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams
  1. Broward
  1. Mississippi
  1. Cindy Hyde-Smith
  1. “The master race”  After much blowback, Klemp has resigned
  1. The Trail of Tears
  1. Slavery. Previously it had been sectional differences, states rights and then slavery as the causes.
  1. Saudi Arabia despite the possible involvement of their head of government in the execution of American journalist Jamal Khassogi
  1. 600% from $575 to $4100 
  1. Admiral McRaven
  1. President Kennedy
  1. A 501c3 named “FACT”
  1. Ex felons
  1. 4.4% or just short of 5%
  1. Russia – they feared Putin manipulating the President and using Interpol to hunt Putin’s political enemies
  1. Ivanka Trump. Is it our turn to say “lock her up”?

Michelle Wolf burns Dear Leader on Twitter:

Dear Leader:

“So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly last year at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that this year, for the first time in decades, they will have an author instead of a comedian. Good first step in comeback of a dying evening and tradition! Maybe I will go?”

To which Wolf responds:

“I bet you’d be on my side if I had killed a journalist. #BeBest”

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