Sunday Funday: Vote Tuesday Edition

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Let me be the 9 millionth to remind you to vote Tuesday. Of course that is only if you haven’t voted once or more already. So be sure to vote, but only one to a customer.

Like many I truly hope the outcome is much better than two years ago. Not sure I am over the shock yet. Let’s just say that life hasn’t been the same since.

America is just on a constant daily alert anymore, isn’t it?

  1. What huge dairy company announced they would no longer support Iowa congressman Steve King due to his extreme right views?
  1. They are coming! They are coming! How far away are the migrants that Dear Leader is freaking out about from the southern US border?
  1. How many US Army troops has Dear Leader said he will use to meet these migrants?
  1. Following their World Series victory, what team is up in the air on whether they will visit the White House?
  1. What medium size Kansas city is making national news for moving its one polling place a mile outside of city limits for Tuesday’s election?
  1. Despite pleas from local officials, Dear Leader went ahead with his plans to visit what city that was the scene of an anti-Semitic massacre last Saturday?
  1. NASA’s Kepler space telescope ran out of fuel and will no longer be able to continue its mission to do what?
  1. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was peripherally caught up in the white supremacist flap because her campaign co-chair is who?
  1. A federal judge Friday denied Dear Leader’s attempt to stop discovery in a lawsuit involving what clause of the constitution?
  1. 80 years ago next weekend on Nov. 9 & 10, 1938 what incident occurred in Germany that is being remembered in today’s more outwardly bigoted US?
  1. The head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said his agency is immediately ready to study what if congress appropriates the money?
  1. Dear Leader said he would end birthright citizenship by executive order, thus claiming that he had the ability to override what amendment?
  1. Getting down in the dirt Dear Leader declared what gubernatorial candidate to be a “thief”?
  1. The targeted candidate in the previous question responded by saying “Never wrestle with a “ what?
  1. What singer threatened to sue Dear Leader if Dear Leader continued to use his song at campaign rallies?
  1. Among people knocking doors for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams were what 2 very well known celebrities?
  1. Mobster Whitey Bulger died in prison last week. How did he die?
  1. Native Americans in what state were once again stopped in their effort block the state’s voter id law that appears to be tailored to keep them from voting?
  1. The world’s tallest statue, The Statue of Unity, was unveiled in what country last week?
  1. In a comedy of errors that seemed like a movie, two right wing operatives claimed to have a statement from a woman claiming she was sexually harassed by what major person in the news?


“Perhaps if we all just started referring to Climate Change as ‘desperate Honduran refugees on foot at the Mexico/Guatemala border’ the president might take the threat seriously


  1. Land O’ Lakes
  1. 1000 miles or so
  1. 15,000 for what will probably be maybe a couple thousand refugees
  1. Boston Red Sox
  1. Dodge City 27,000 people 
  1. Pittsburgh
  1. Identify planets in the universe
  1. Steve King
  1. Emoluments clause
  1. Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass)
  1. Gun injuries and deaths
  1. The 14th
  1. Andrew Gillum of Florida
  1. Pig 
  1. Pharell Williams 
  1. Will Farrell and Oprah Winfrey
  1. He was beaten to death by fellow inmates who claimed he had ratted on them decades ago
  1. North Dakota
  1. India
  1. Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It was so bad, one of the operatives held a news conference with his pants unzipped.

Andy Borowitz

“If the Constitution prevented me from doing one or two things, I’d chalk that up to bad luck,” Trump said. “But when literally everything I want to do is magically a violation of the Constitution, that’s very unfair and bad treatment.”

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