Trump Mocks Dr. Ford And All Women

Iowa’s Republican Congress Members Say Nothing

Note here that Trump is not only mocking Dr. Ford herself, but is also mocking a scared young 15 year old girl who feared – quite rationally – that a couple of drunken oafs could accidentally kill her. This is now the Republican Party. Until good people stand up to challenge him, Trump and Trumpism with all its ugliness and hate, is the Republican Party.

Every Republican member of congress has at a minimum been an enabler for Trump. Most have been with him side by side. Is this behavior that you want to reward with your vote? Steve King, right there with Trump. Young? In Trump’s back pocket. Blum? Right there with his arm around Trump.

Tuesday night when Trump was mocking Dr. Ford with a series of lies that are easily refuted, did a one of Iowa’s Republican leadership utter a syllable in Ford’s defense? How about our two top elected females- Reynolds and Ernst. Did anyone hear a peep? How about Grassley who is supposed to be overseeing a non-partisan hearing on the fitness of Kavanaugh? Did he stand up and call out the smears? Of course not.

And the three Republican congress members? Did they stand up to let their female constituents know that they – their representatives in congress –  would not let this kind of smear tactics stand? Haven’t heard a thing yet. They allowed half of their constituents to be smeared along with Dr. Ford by refusing to stand up and say this is over the line.

Dr. Ford is not on trial here, yet the president of the United States has taken it upon himself to ruin her life. By extension, he shows he would do that to any female. Iowa’s three Republican representatives did nothing to distance themselves from Trump’s crazy attacks. How would any Iowa woman ever feel that such representatives would ever have their back?

Is this the kind of representation Iowa women want? Be honest. I have many women in my life and I would expect that were they to call on their representatives they should be treated with the dignity and respect that any human being deserves. 

Yet it is very apparent that Iowa’s three Republican congress members who could have stood up to Trump and FOR women blew it when they had the chance. Any time after Wednesday noon was too late. Call Trump out or your are one with the sniveling coward who attacks women and tries to ruin their lives.

If Dr. Ford isn’t enough proof, how about Stormy Daniels? How about his “Grab them by the pussy” comment? There have been something like nineteen very believable accusations against Trump in recent years. Is that enough for women to say that “we are done with him and those who stand with him”?

Back in Iowa, Governor Reynolds has lined herself up with Trump, even while his tariff policies are reeking havoc on Iowa Farmers. One must assume that as the head of the Republican Party in Iowa, she sets the tone for the downticket races for state senator, and state house plus secretary of state, secretary of agriculture and state auditor.

Reynolds backs bad policy from Trump. She also stands by the horrible Medicaid policy bequeathed her by Terry Branstad. She has also created her horrid policy by signing policy that will drive the state deep in debt. Fiscal mismanagement seems to be Reynolds calling card. In her year and a half Iowa has plunged into debt. Reynolds doesn’t seem to understand why. 

As if bad fiscal policy isn’t enough, Reynolds also has another mark to be ashamed of when Iowa starts selling health insurance policies that bring back the wretched pre-existing conditions. Iowa will be the “laboratory” for going back to the old days when a trip to the hospital could bankrupt a family. Remember, Reynolds wasn’t the only player in bringing bad policy back. She had the help of every Republican state senator and Republican state representative. 

Just so we don’t forget labor. Who can forget when Republicans just surprised everybody by totally changing labor laws in one week from the time it peeked its ugly head out to the time when Terry Branstad had a secret signing ceremony for one person – Jared Klein of Koch funded Americans for Progress.

Mark your calendars. Republicans have one more shiv to stick to labor. That would be to totally redesign IPERS into a 401k. That would be a big payoff to their donors in the financial industry and a kick in the teeth to Labor. Thus while republicans try not to speak about changing IPERS you can bet that come early January changing IPERS will be JOB #1 – with Reynolds ready to sign it in a minute.

Lastly let us not forget how Iowa has seen our once proud public education system degrade from its once lofty status under Republican rule in the state house and governor’s mansion.

So think about your valuable vote. Do you want to condone Trump’s behavior by voting for those who support his every move? Will you support state government that support Trump’s tariff policies that will bankrupt many Iowa farmers?Do you want to support a state government that will enact policies that will continually bankrupt Iowa? That will enact policies that will put many state employees retirement in the hands of the casino called Wall Street? That treats our children’s education as a necessary evil?

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