Sunday Funday: Chuck The Victim Edition

Chuck the Victim: (1 minute)

Poor Chuck. A woman gets nearly raped and killed and Chuck is the victim. As was the attempted rapist.

Hardly anyone ever thinks of the feelings of the overprivileged. Wealthy white guy who is on a mission to change America into a place where men like him can walk around safely. Now he must face down a challenge from a woman(!) who dares to disturb the plan and question HIS authority to order people about and intimidate them. Why, does she think she is human or something? This must be dealt with and Kavanaugh must be crowned. Dear Leader orders it and Chuck must follow Dear leaders orders.

Yet another historic week in crazyland:

  1. One of the selling points for Dear leader’s tax plan last December was the repatriation of funds from overseas this year. What percentage of the promised fund repatriation has happened so far?    
  1. In New York, what recently indicted representative has decided to run for his seat despite the indictment?
  1. In Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz claimed his opponent Democrat Beto O’Rourke, would outlaw what if he (O’Rourke) is elected?
  1. As Hurricane Florence dealt a severe blow to America’s east coast what typhoon was delivering a severe blow to the Philippines and Hong Kong?
  1. Workers at what fast food chain went on strike Tuesday to protest a continuing sexual harassment problem?
  1. Governor Reynolds steps in it again as she has taken campaign contributions from what Medicaid management company?
  1. Among the major worries following the historic flooding from Hurricane Florence includes serious pollution from what remnant of the power companies? 
  1. Besides FEMA, name two other agencies that the administration has taken money from to shore up child immigrant detention funding?  
  1. In a stunning story last Tuesday student Celia Arozomena was found apparently murdered near what Iowa university?
  1. The woman who has accused Bret Kavanaugh has requested that who conduct an investigation into her allegations before she appears before the Judiciary Committee?
  1. The founder of what giant Chinese online sales site has has recanted his promise of bringing 1 million jobs to the US due to the new tariff policies?
  1. Sears CEO Eddie Lampert is blaming the near demise of Sears on what group of people?
  1. SpaceX announced that they have a customer for their first manned flight around the moon. The person is a billionaire from what country?
  1. “Have a good time” was Dear Leader’s comment to a man getting a pre-packaged lunch during Dear Leader’s trip to what area?
  1. Dear Leader also suggested to Spain’s Foreign Minister that Spain should do what to manage Mediterranean migration?
  1. Current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused what prior Secretary of State of “actively undermining US policy on Iran?”
  1. Coca-Cola is looking at producing a new line of drinks that include what ingredient?
  1. Juan David Ortiz is accused of murdering 4 women in Texas. What is Mr. Ortiz’s occupation?
  1. The city council of what major fashion center is taking steps to outlaw the manufacturing and sale of fur products?
  1. War on Christmas? What major retailer warned Dear Leader that his tariff policies will have a huge detrimental effect on American consumers?


  1. 3.58%
  1. Chris Collins who was indicted for insider trading
  1. Barbecue
  1. Mankhut
  1. McDonald’s
  1. The parent company of Amerigroup
  1. Coal ash
  1. CDC, NIH, Head Start, National Cancer Institute all have had money transferred from them
  1. Iowa State
  1. The FBI
  1. AliBaba
  1. Sears retirees
  1. Japan. The flight is scheduled for 2022
  1. North Carolina following Hurricane Florence.
  1. Build a wall across the Sahara Dessert
  1. John Kerry
  1. Cannabis  (“Cannabis Cola” has a nice ring to it)
  1. Border Patrol agent
  1. Los Angeles
  1. Walmart. Merry Christmas everybody!

A somewhat serious Andy Borowitz? 

“Just to summarize: a mentally impaired and unfit President has nominated a binge-drinking sexual-assault suspect to the Supreme Court. What sort of government enables this state of affairs? A government that we must replace in November.”

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