Poor Kim! Why Does Everybody Pick On Her?

Hubbell Hart

These guys will take responsibility for their own  actions

When you finally reached that magic age to vote did anybody pull you aside and give you some advice on voting that sounded like this:

“When you look the candidates over, be sure to pick the one who never takes any responsibility for their own actions. Make sure that whatever happened in their life or while they were in government they always had someone to blame their problems on. Being able to blame someone else for their problems is a good sign that these people are reliable.”

I doubt any one has ever gotten that kind of advice. In fact just the opposite is almost always true. Yet from the White House through the congress and down to the state houses we have one party whose sole campaign theme seems to bee “I didn’t do it! My opponent did it” 

That is generally the thrust of every tweet that emanates from the current federal administration. Trump has done nothing wrong. All that is wrong can be blamed on Obama or Hillary Clinton. The only thing that Trump has done is take an economy that was near collapse and turn it into a raging machine. If you believe that then I have a series of bridges for sale that span the Mississippi. A great investment!

Of course I am talking about the Republican Party. Their craven behavior of blaming everything on their opponents is cowardly, laughable and infuriating.

One of the great practitioners of “I didn’t do it!” Here in Iowa is our current governor Kim Reynolds. For someone who has been part of the administration in charge of Iowa for nearly a decade, Reynolds often times seems very surprised when she is asked how the state got into the messes it is in. Her answers are often laughable.

Take Thursday when she was asked about our public universities dropping in rankings by rating organizations:

“The University of Iowa dropped seven slots and Iowa State University dropped three slots in new national rankings of public schools by U.S. News & World Report. School administrators are pointing to funding cuts by state leaders. In a written statement, UI President Bruce Harreld characterized lawmakers’ actions as a “generational disinvestment in public higher education.”

Those additional resources include student tuition, which has paid for a greater percentage of university budgets as state funding has gone down. While taxpayer dollars used to fund the majority of operations at UI and Iowa State, now students and their families are picking up more of the tab.

Reynolds pointed to past administrations that made deeper cuts to public education, citing Democratic Gov. Chet Culver’s decision to cut state funding by 10 percent across the board during the Great Recession. Speaking at an event in Tiffin Wednesday, Reynolds said her priority is to boost the economy by cutting taxes.”

See – Culver did it too! And it is more important to cut taxes for the rich!

I was laughing so hard at Reynolds response when I heard it on the radio as I drove home from a meeting that I almost drove off the road. See it is not her fiscal mismanagement or the huge tax cuts for the rich that are hindering Iowa universities. Tax cuts are great and Culver did it too. Did anybody tell her that Culver’s cuts were due to the Great Republican Recession that nearly took the world economy down?

When I got home I read that Reynolds is claiming a free trip to last year’s Liberty Bowl was a campaign trip. Who couldn’t believe that? Well most of Iowa. If it looks like a bribe and it smells like a bribe, then it must be a campaign contribution, right Kim?     

‘The AP’s Ryan Foley reported this afternoon that Reynolds had once again taken a questionable plane ride paid for by a donor that has business with the state of Iowa. Dave North, the CEO of Sedgwick, a company that is contracted by the state to handle workers compensation claims, reimbursed his company for the use of the corporate jet to fly Reynolds and her family to an ISU bowl game. It happened on December 30, 2017 for the Liberty Bowl.

There’s quite a few problems with this latest news.

For one, it came on the heels of Republicans’ passage last year of a workers compensation bill that made it harder for workers injured on the job to get benefits. That legislation was one of the most direct attacks on working Iowans’ rights to fair treatment when they get hurt and can’t work because of their injury. Companies like Sedgwick stand to gain from those changes.

It’s also a rather shady practice to accept fancy private jet flights from people and companies that receive government contracts or decisions that financially benefit them. That can give the appearance of pay-to-play, even if it wouldn’t have really changed the governor’s stance on the issue.”

Great analysis at the link from Pat Rynard.   

Poor Kim! What next? Maybe being caught distorting Fred Hubbell’s work on the Iowa Power Fund that you once praised him for. A small word of advice Kim: In the computer age information stays around forever.

What else could go wrong? Maybe getting caught violating Iowa’s constitution on judicial appointments? Maybe Reynolds had better things to do? 

Maybe it is just me, but I think will vote for the guy who pays attention to what is going on and is able to accept responsibility for his actions. That would be Fred Hubbell. 

Right now I wouldn’t even vote Reynolds as the runner up. She is just not responsible or reliable and seems to be removed from reality as witnessed by her defense of Iowa’s indefensible privatized Medicaid system.

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