Tim Gannon on Iowa Press

A message from the Tim Gannon for Agriculture campaign:

Were you able to watch the first Secretary of Agriculture debate on Iowa Press last weekend? If not, check it out by clicking below.

The entire time, Tim’s opponent twisted himself into knots to avoid criticizing the current administration’s anti-agriculture policies. Unlike him, I know that Tim is ready to stand up for Iowa’s small towns and farming communities.

In the remaining days of this race, I know that Tim will continue fighting to make farming more profitable, work to improve our soil health and water quality, and support increased funding for public ag research. There is too much at stake in this race to sit this one out. Help in our fight to renew rural Iowa by contributing to our campaign today!

Jack Segal
Gannon for Iowa

Learn more about Tim Gannon and the campaign, or donate on their website.

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6 Responses to Tim Gannon on Iowa Press

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    I wish it were possible to read a transcript of this show instead of having to watch and listen to Naig. It would be much faster and less painful.


    • Paul Deaton says:

      IPTV publishes the transcript with the video.


      • Anne Duncan says:

        That’s great, Paul. But where? I’ve searched the IOWA PRESS website with no luck. I used to be able to find the transcripts very easily, but no more. There must be some trick that I’m missing.


      • Paul Deaton says:

        I don’t know what to say. I saw a place for the transcript when I posted this up, but now can’t find it either. Usually it appears in the “Read More” button, as it does with this weekend’s broadcast.


  2. Anne Duncan says:

    Paul, I’m actually grateful for your indirect assurance that I’m not just newly-incompetent. I used to assume that if I hit the “Read More” button, the transcript would be there. But the Gannon/Naig transcript is not there, and that is the transcript I’d most like to be able to read out of the last ten shows or so, including the shows last spring. It’s frustrating.


  3. Anne Duncan says:

    Still no transcript, so I was forced to watch the podcast. I expected to be annoyed by Naig and he didn’t disappoint. But I was also annoyed by the journalists.
    Water quality has been a top-tier issue in Iowa for at least five years, and has been a lower-tier issue for decades. I was one of the Iowans working on water quality back in 1982.
    But some journalists STILL don’t understand even the bare basics of water quality issues. So they ask stupid questions. And that makes it very easy for candidates to get away with stupid answers. This episode was a prime example of that, and I’ve seen it again and again.
    Hello, IOWA PRESS journalists? Do a little reading! Talk with a few people! Water quality is not a hard issue to understand if you make a little effort, You don’t have to be a science geek, honest! I’m just an amateur but I could have given you five water questions off the top of my head that would have been far better than what you asked. And my questions, though purely factual, would have nailed Naig to the wall.


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