King On The “15 Worst For Women” List; Scholten Contrasts With His Team

Why does Iowa spend millions of tax dollars, huge amounts of time and the talent of some talented and artistic people in order to present a picture to the rest of the country that Iowa is indeed a welcoming and friendly place. One of the very best actions Iowa could take to improve its face to the nation would be to retire Steve King.

Since his first election in 2002, Steve King has sort of become a symbol of Iowa. He has been the symbol of Iowa as a backward state. Every time he opens his mouth he seems to make yet another comment that is used to color the people of Iowa as racist, misogynistic or stuck in the 19th century. He shoots his mouth off and Iowa gets the black eye.

Last week King gathered yet another honor to his stash – one of the “15 Worst for Women” in congress. 

This group of congressmen (you can bet there are no women)  was named by UltraViolet PAC and American Bridge. King is a member of this luminary group:

Thirteen Republicans in the U.S. House were given the dubious distinction:Thirteen Republican representatives were given the dubious distinction: Reps. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Dave Brat of Virginia, Ted Budd of North Carolina, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, Karen Handel of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Steve King of Iowa, Jason Lewis of Minnesota, Kevin McCarthy of California, Steve Pearce of New Mexico, Pete Sessions of Texas, and Scott Taylor of Virginia.

GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada were named the worst members of the Senate for women.

In contrast to this the JD Scholten team sent out a email with a picture of some members team and a short statement to contrast with King:

Scholten field organizer Tahmyra Lytle

Scholten Field Organizer Tahmyrah Lytle

“Steve King has said too many horrible things to count. Earlier this year, King tweeted that ‘Diversity is not our strength.’ Our staff, Team Scholten, has a message for you, Steve: Our team is made up of people who are black, white, Asian, and Latino. Our team includes both men and women, gay and straight, Democrat AND Republican. And Steve King, if you don’t think diversity is our strength, then you just wait until November. Because this team, this movement—we’re coming for you!”  ~Tahmyrah Lytle, Field Organizer, Team Scholten

Our field team may be Steve King’s worst nightmare, but to us, they’re amazing. Everyone here at Team Scholten is putting in long hours every day because this election means so much. For us, this isn’t just a job – it’s a passion! It’s time for Steve King to go, and we are the boots on the ground that are going to kick King out of Congress and replace him with J.D. Scholten – someone who will represent ALL of the people of this district that we call home.

Help provide us with the resources to make this happen with a contribution of whatever you can afford today!

A few of our field team members recently stopped by one of Steve King’s offices to say hello. Not only was it closed, it’s also for rent:

Hey J.D. Scholten, there’s some office space available!

Field Crew Kings Office.png

Soon all of Steve King’s offices could be for rent, because we’re building the largest field program this district has ever seen, but all the literature, clipboards, flip-phones, and gas add up quickly and your support is critical to funding this movement. Please kick in whatever you can to help fund our dynamic team in the field!

Thank you,
Team Scholten

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