Sunday Funday: Koko The Gorilla Has Died Edition

What can you say? She was 46 years old when she died in her sleep Tuesday night. Most of us have heard about Koko and her exploits with sign language and kittens. Koko gave us many insights in to ourselves as humans and the similarities between our species. Her contributions to science and humanity are immense. 

Now back to the humans who don’t seem to have the sense that Koko did:

  1. Melania Trump stunned America when she wore a jacket with what slogan on the back when she went to visit the imprisoned immigrant children Thursday?
  1. What cabinet secretary was hooted out of a Mexican restaurant by other patrons Wednesday?
  1. Of the 4 living former First Ladies haw many issued a statement decrying administration policy toward asylum seeking families?
  1. The city of Burlington, Iowa paid how much to the family of Autumn Steele who was killed in a police shooting 3 years ago?
  1. Who is Kim Reynolds’ running mate in the governor’s race?
  1. Friday, Steve King said what group should not be allowed to work in meat packing plants?
  1. Dear Leader wants a new branch of the military to be known as what?
  1. Once again abandoning long standing commitments, the US this week left what UN council?
  1. What national news anchor broke up on TV when she tried to read a story concerning “tender age facilities” being used in the family separations at the border?
  1. In a decision released Thursday, SCOTUS determined that online retailers must now collect what with their sales?
  1. The gun control advocacy group March For Our Lives made a stop at what congress member’s local office in Sioux City as they kicked off their national tour?
  1. Areas of Texas that were hit hard by what hurricane last year were once again inundated by huge rains this week?
  1. Oh Boy! Iowa’s Lottery Board is looking into adding what form of gambling to the state in the future?
  1. The current administration is looking at combining what 2 cabinet departments?
  1. What company which was an original member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was removed from the DJIA this week?
  1. When told by federal court Monday to “immediately” change a policy, what state’s Secretary of State stalled claiming the word “immediately” was open to interpretation?
  1. What country passed legislation last week that legalized the use of recreational marijuana?
  1. In another loony statement, Dear Leader claimed Canadians were smuggling what clothing item from this country?
  1. What recently famous lawyer has offered his services to asylum seeking parents separated fro their children?
  1. What media group forced its TV stations to air stories discrediting the outrage over family separation at the border?

John Fugelsang:

“Welcome to America, where we believe a talking snake was literally real but “love your enemies” was just Jesus bein’ all metaphorical.”


  1. “I really don’t care, do U” incredibly tone deaf
  1. DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen
  1. All 4
  1. $2 million
  1. Current interim LT. Gov. Adam Gregg. Whoever he is
  1. Muslims
  1. The Space Force
  1. The UN Council on Human Rights
  1. Rachel Maddow
  1. State sales tax
  1. Steve King
  1. Hurricane Harvey
  1. Sports betting
  1. Education and Labor. (Must be a step toward bringing back child labor)
  1. GE 
  1. Kansas SOS Kris Kobach
  1. Canada – it won’t be implemented for a while yet
  1. Shoes – scuffing them up so they look old he claimed.
  1. Michael Avenatti
  1. Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Paul Krugman:

The speed of America’s moral descent under Donald Trump is breathtaking. In a matter of months we’ve gone from a nation that stood for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a nation that tears children from their parents and puts them in cages.


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