Sunday Funday: Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow Edition


Dear Leader gives America a hum job: 1 minute

Will we be able to post such videos tomorrow?

One of the Republican’s and of course Dear Leader’s targets gets a direct hit about this time tomorrow morning as net neutrality officially ends. Don’t expect dramatic changes Monday morning, but there will no doubt be some subtle changes filter in to begin with. This now puts corporations in control of most of the mass media in this country – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and now the internet – the full gamut. Our voices are now about as diversified as voices were in the old Soviet Union when they had Pravda and Tass.

I think it was Keith Olbermann who once said that our media covers the range from the right wing to the extreme right wing.

Once again a strange and disquieting week as we rush to oligarchy.

  1. Following Tuesday’s primaries, what Iowan has a chance to become the youngest woman elected to congress?
  1. The big meeting is ON! (So far) What world leaders are scheduled to meet in Singapore next Tuesday?
  1. What football team refused to show up to the White House for a reception for them?
  1. What other sports teams then said that if they were to win, they would not accept an invitation to the White House?
  1. In Tuesday’s primaries Iowa Democrats selected who as their gubernatorial candidate?
  1. In a ruling Monday, SCOTUS ruled for what side in the case of the baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding?
  1. Saying it will no longer judge contestants on their appearance what annual pageant announced it would drop its swimsuit competition?
  1. In some sad news, what two nationally known personalities committed suicide tis week?
  1. Defending his invocation of “national security” as the reason for imposing tariffs on Canadian products, Dear Leader told Justin Trudeau that Canadians committed what act of war?
  1. Alice Johnson was in the news last week. Do you remember why?
  1. Deidre DeJear will be the first African American nominated to run for state office in Iowa nominated by primary. What office is she running for?
  1. In one of the strangest stories to come to light last week, EPA head Scott Pruitt had an aide try to purchase what from a Dear Leader’s hotel?
  1. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cancelled most of the senate’s August break in an attempt to do what?
  1. What source of huge Republican money and organization announced he will retire from politics due to illness last week?
  1. Who claims that he has an “absolute right” to pardon himself?
  1. What major figure in the Russian interference investigation was accused of witness tampering last week?
  1. In an attempt to avoid real issues Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds attacked her new opponent claiming he’s never had to do what?
  1. Inconsistent and strange US trade policies has put what group of Iowans livelihood in jeopardy?
  1. Even though it is not even a top ten world economy, what country does Dear Leader believe should be in the G7?
  1. What former professional athlete will subpoena Dear Leader and Vice Dear Leader (Pence) in his collusion lawsuit against the NFL?

One of the problems with government housing (6 minutes)


  1. Abby Finkenauer in the 1st district
  1. Kim Jung Un and Dear Leader
  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  1. NBA teams Cleveland and San Francisco
  1. Fred Hubbell
  1. They ruled that the baker could refuse to bake a wedding cake for the same sex marriage
  1. The Miss America Pageant
  1. Kate Spade (designer) and Anthony Bourdain (chef)
  1. They burned down the White House in the War of 1812 (long before Canada was a country)
  1. She was pardoned of her drug conviction after Kim Kardashian intervened on her behalf with Dear Leader
  1. Secretary of State
  1. A USED mattress – never had heard why he had to have a USED mattress from a Trump hotel
  1. Keep incumbent Democratic senators from campaigning during that time
  1. David Koch
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Paul Manafort
  1. Balance a family check book because he was born rich
  1. Pork producers
  1. Russia – surprised?
  1. Colin Kaepernick

Obama race relations

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