Sunday Funday: Why Food Stamps Started Edition

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This is sort of on the the theme of Mother’s Day. Once we have children the next huge task is keeping them fed so they can grow and prosper. That is what is on a Mother’s mind and the baby from the time the cord is cut.

American farms have always been incredible productive. Unfortunately our economic system has not always been conducive to distributing all this food to those who really need it. They are possibly some here who may remember (or heard their parents talk about)  farmers dumping milk or killing hogs and burying them to keep prices up while people were literally starving in the streets during the Great Depression.

During the Roosevelt administration a short term attempt was made to solve these two problems with what seemed to be an obvious solution – funnel the excess to the poor through some program. This program was short-lived as WWII put nearly all Americans in jobs and the food was used to feed the world. 

Once the war was over, the dual problems came back and the rudiments of the modern food stamp program began. You can read a short version of the history here.   

Now we have a very mean spirited farm bill wending through congress that seems to want to set some form of stigma and involuntary servitude on the poor. Seems to me a better answer would be mandatory living wages. 

OMG another week of stepping to the line of oblivion:

  1. Sen. John McCain took some major hits from supposed friends last week. What network aired a comment who claimed McCain succumbed to torture and was known as “Songbird John?”
  1. The FCC said in a notice that net neutrality would end on what date?
  1. What major name in the news got fired by his own firm this week?
  1. May 14, 1804 what historic exploration of the American west kicked off from St. Louis?
  1. Mick Mulvaney said “bribe us” a couple of weeks ago. What sitting congress member went to Shelly Adelson to pick up a $30 million “contribution” for the Republican Party?
  1. Speaker Ryan has set a what date as the date that the renegotiated NAFTA agreement must be presented to congress?
  1. As the Iowa legislature gaveled out, Republicans passed how much in tax cuts?
  1. Dear Leader berated what cabinet head in front of the other cabinet heads Wednesday in a lengthy confrontation?
  1. A much feared candidacy by what Republican was avoided in the West Virginia primary Tuesday?
  1. Because the Obama Admin did it better, that’s why! What member of Dear Leaders family released a pamphlet done by the Obama Admin as her own work Monday?
  1. In a stunner Monday that took only a few hours, what New York official resigned after sexual assault allegations against him were revealed?
  1. CO2 levels surpassed what milestone in late April according to measurements taken on Hawaii’s Mauna Loa mountain?
  1. Trying to deftly sidestep questions on torture, what nominee to be CIA head was grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday?
  1. Iowa’s senators Grassley and Ernst and Representative Young praised Dear Leader for what decision this week?
  1. A year ago this coming Thursday who began his new job investigating influences on the 2016 election?
  1. AT&T and Novartis were among companies that spent millions to try to influence Dear Leader through what person in Dear Leader’s entourage?
  1. May 17th, 1954 what monumental decision was handed down by a unanimous Supreme Court?
  1. “The highest ratings ever for TV at 2AM” crowed who as cable TV covered the return of American prisoners held in North Korea?
  1. How many Americans held by North Korea were released during the Obama administration?
  1. Once found not guilty of treason on a technicality who became head of the NRA last week – a group accused of laundering money for Russian oligarchs into US elections?

John Fugelsang:  “Suddenly, Trump likes guys who get captured. 


  1. Fox News
  1. June 11th or in about a month
  1. Rudy Giuliani 
  1. The Lewis and Clark expedition
  1. Speaker Paul Ryan – technically Ryan made a presentation and former senator Norm Coleman made the ask.
  1. May 17th or this coming Thursday
  1. $2 billion – amazing after having so many shortfalls in the past year
  1. Kirstjen Nielsen of Homeland Security
  1. Don Blankenship
  1. Melania Trump
  1. New York AG Eric Schneiderman
  1. 410 PPM
  1. Gina Haspel
  1. Unilaterally withdrawing the US from the 7 party Iran nuclear agreement
  1. Robert Mueller
  1. Michael Cohen – influence peddling they used to call this
  1. Brown v. Board. 
  1. Dear Leader. There is almost nothing he won’t praise himself for
  1. Eleven. The returns were done quietly away from the media.
  1. Oliver North

An Iowa man says his dog inadvertently shot him while they were roughhousing Wednesday. 

This wouldn’t have happened if a good dog with a gun had also been there.


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