Sunday Funday: Gas Price Rise Eats Up Tax Cut Edition

Leave it to the Republicans. They claim that Americans will get a huge tax cut and have money falling out of their pockets. Back in February, Paul Ryan – that magnificent Speaker of the House – celebrated with a tweet that Americans will be getting a whole $1.50/ week more to frivolously blow as they so pleased! $1.50! Yachts, planes, vacation homes!  

But alas! Here we are in the bright sunlight of May and it looks maybe all that tax cut and more will be going to the oil companies through higher gas prices at the pumps. Makes one almost wonder why Republicans didn’t just take our tax money and hand it directly to the oil companies like they used to? Instead we have to get involved. 

Well it looks like spring will divert our attention from the now quickening pace of revelations of the illegal and possibly treasonous activities of our Dear Leader. Much of the quickening pace can be attributed to new presidential counsel Rudy Giuliani who could easily be mistaken for a snitch.


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Um – well let’s just do it:

  1. What did Michelle Wolf say that Sara Sanders burned to make her “perfect smoky eye?”
  1. When he joined the presidential lawyers team Rudy Giuliani said he would wrap the investigation up in two weeks. When did his time expire?
  1. Promising a hard response to Michelle Wolf’s monologue at the WHCD, what right wing comedian finally came up with calling Wolf a “Poopy headed dum dum” on Twitter?
  1. Thursday it was revealed by the Washington Post that what former news man had an additional 27 harassment charges above the eight that had already been reported?
  1. The Iowa legislature quickly passed and sent to the governor the nation’s most restrictive bill on what last week?
  1. Friday, May 4th was the 48th anniversary of what nation shocking incident?
  1. Quietly Thursday what Iowa embarrassment and former campaign aid to Dear Leader left the USDA where he was once nominated as undersecretary for research, education and economics despite having no background?
  1. What head of state gave a speech to his parliament that was broadcast in the US claiming Iran was still working on its nuclear program?
  1. Iowa governor Kim Reynolds’ appointments to the Iowa Judicial Nominating Commission included what relative of hers?
  1. What mustachioed lawyer suddenly announced his departure from the team of lawyers for Dear Leader last week?
  1. It’s a resurrection of sorts. What US House functionary was unfired by Paul Ryan after his controversial dismissal a couple of weeks ago?
  1. Thomas Homan announced his retirement Monday as the acting director of what controversial agency?
  1. What senior administration official was revealed this week to have referred to Dear Leader on multiple occasions as an “idiot?”
  1. GOP senate hopefuls nominated Dear Leader for a Nobel Peace Prize last week. But he couldn’t be nominated. Why?
  1. What GOP senate candidate referred to Mitch McConnell as “Cocaine Mitch” last week?
  1. What manufacturer of musical instruments announced this week that it was filing chapter 11 bankruptcy?
  1. According to a survey by the World Health Organization 20 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are located in what country?
  1. ”When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice.” What recording star made this ludicrous statement last week?
  1. Sen. Grassley is mad at EPA director Scott Pruitt. Not for ruining the environment or the department. Why is Grassley mad at Scott Pruitt?
  1. What senior administration official did new presidential lawyer Giuliani state was “disposable?”

In an interview Iowa senator Chuck Grassley started out by saying “I really believe this president is doing the best he can to keep his campaign promises.” If Grassley is serious he is either delusional or incredibly removed from reality. But I’d like to think he is auditioning to be the entertainment at next year’s White House Correspondents Dinner.

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Satirists have an almost impossible job to outdo politicians these days.


  1. Facts not “fat” as some “news” sites reported.
  1. End of the business day last Friday.
  1. Dennis Miller – a self described comedian anyway.
  1. Charlie Rose – some went back to 1986
  1. Abortions 
  1. The Kent State massacre
  1. Sam Clovis
  1. Bibi Netanyahu of Israel
  1. Her father
  1. Ty Cobb 
  1. The House chaplain Father Patrick Conroy
  1. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
  1. Chief of Staff John Kelly
  1. Nominations for the peace prize closed Feb. 1 – so just a bit late.
  1. Don Blankenship of West Virginia.
  1. Gibson
  1. India
  1. Kanye West. Remember he is a good buddy of Dear Leader.
  1. Grassley believes Pruitt is ignoring RFS (renewable fuel standards) and allowing some oil companies to bypass these standards. Other than that Grassley thinks Pruitt is doing a great job.
  1. Jared Kushner. As far as I know this is one of Giuliani’s statements that has yet to be walked back.

Sara Huckabee Sanders was finally called on a blatant lie at the press briefing this week. Amazing.

Andy Borowitz: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Giuliani Incident Underscores Dangers of Telling Truth”

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