Sunday Funday: May Day Edition

Tuesday will be International Workers Day. We simply do not give enough due to America’s workers. These days workers are being hammered from all sides, but especially from our national government and many state governments. These governmental units seem to be working overtime to bust unions and get as much labor as possible for the lowest price. This is a very short-sighted vision that will eventually kill the golden goose.

So stop for a few moments Tuesday and give a little thought to where we would be without the working men and women who made this country great.


We could almost do a full book on just last Thursday. But we will try to cover the week and the world with challenging questions:

  1. Speaking of Thursday, what cabinet member made a contentious appearance before two House committees Thursday?
  1. Perhaps the big news of the week was that what two long time adversaries announcing they would be working toward a peace?
  1. Holy Moley! What US House functionary who had been removed unexpectedly from his duties by Paul Ryan was announced this week?
  1. The Goldman Environmental Prize this year went to a citizen who helped expose a huge water quality problem in what city?
  1. What highly placed physician admiral was known by his staff as the “candy man” for handing out medications without prescriptions?
  1. April 29th, 1945 this couple that had been together for a long time tied the knot in a bunker under Berlin for a marriage that only would last one day?
  1. Sexual harassment stories continue to abound. What well known comedian was convicted of sexual assault as his lengthy trial ended in Philadelphia?
  1. Accusations of sexual harassment were leveled at what legendary retired NBC anchor Friday?
  1. Europe comes calling! What two major European leaders visited Dear Leader at the White House this week?
  1. Multiple fatalities and injuries were reported when a van mowed down pedestrians in what major North American city Monday?
  1. During a wide ranging call to Fox and Friends Wednesday who admitted that Michael Cohen represented him in the “Stormy Daniels deal”?
  1. Continuing his great day Thursday, Dear Leader threatened repercussions to countries who didn’t vote for the US to host what world event in 2026?
  1. Sporting the second lowest approval vote ever, who was approved by the US senate to be Secretary of State Thursday?
  1. Dear Leader threatened to leave what trade talks if ending the flow of undocumented migrants from Mexico is not made a part of the pact?
  1. What senator led the fight against Dear Leader’s nominee to head the VA?
  1. In a special election in a ruby red congressional district in what state did the Republican candidate eke out a 4 point victory Tuesday?
  1. In Iowa, Republicans are doing battle with what group over the new state budget?
  1. Teachers in what two states staged protests and shut down schools Thursday and Friday?
  1. What US senate committee surprisingly voted 14 – 7 to approve a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller?
  1. In Texas a man was given probation and a small fine in the killing of his neighbor. The defense claimed the male victim had done what to the killer which caused him to panic and kill the victim?

John Fugelsang: “House Intelligence Committee Republicans declare there was no collusion btw DT campaign & Russia which is why you should ignore 19 indictments, 4 guilty pleas & Don Jr emailing “collude at me, bro.”


  1. Scott Pruitt of the EPA
  1. North and South Korea
  1. House Chaplain Rev. Pat Conroy
  1. Flint, Mich.
  1. White House physician Ronny Jackson
  1. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun – they committed suicide the next day
  1. Bill Cosby
  1. Tom Brokaw
  1. Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkl of Germany
  1. Toronto
  1. Dear Leader
  1. The World Cup
  1. Mike Pompeo – Rex Tillerson had the lowest approval vote ever
  1. NAFTA – this would really hurt Iowa
  1. John Tester of Montana
  1. Arizona
  1. Other Republicans
  1. Colorado and Arizona
  1. The Senate Judiciary Committee
  1. Made sexual advances that caused the killer “gay panic.” Texas is one of the few states that have such a defense.

From nearly a year ago, Andy Borowitz explains how Dear Leader makes it hard for satirists (length 1:37)

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