Sunday Funday: “Rule Of Law” Edition

repubs didn't cut golf trips

Heard on the John Fugelsang Show Friday (paraphrase) – “Teapot Dome would only be an small appetizer for this administration.”

It was funny and ironic to see Kim Reynolds’ main opponent hoisted on the Republican petard of “rule of law.” Reynolds and the insider Republicans were able to repel a challenge from inside the party by using a strict reading of a law with absolutely no leeway. Ron Corbett was treated almost as a poor drug user with less than an ounce of weed who had the book thrown at him.

From Bill Dix to Rod Blum on up to the White House it sure looks like “rule of law” only applies to non-Republicans. Let’s also throw ethics on the burn pile for Republicans. Dear Leader is the Grand Poobah of ethics violations, but with folks like Pruitt, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Michael Flynn ad infinitum this is and lawless and ethics-less group.

But they do make it easier to ask questions:

  1. Another Fox News(?) talker took a sudden “planned vacation” this week. Which one?
  1. Looks like Republican campaigns will be focusing on what 2 women this fall?
  1. Dear Leader is outright attacking what American business?
  1. Stocks took a roller coaster ride this week as a potential trade war with what country heated up?
  1. Teachers in what state went on strike demanding decent supplies and learning environments for their students?
  1. Teachers in what state went on strike when major changes in their pension were passed in a sewer bill?
  1. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of many things, including what strategy employed by Richard Nixon in his attempt to win the White House?
  1. In Iowa, a bill banning “sanctuary cities” passed the legislature. This bill is targeted at what two Iowa cities according to a fund raising letter from Kim Reynolds?
  1. EPA head Scott Pruitt got a sweetheart deal on a condo in DC from a couple who work as what in Washington?
  1. Dear Leader ordered what to the border with Mexico?
  1. What monthly measurement of the health of the economy slowed greatly in March numbers out Friday showed?
  1. What Texas congressman who has been embroiled in a sex scandal resigned suddenly Friday afternoon effective immediately?
  1. Dear Leader denied knowing of any payments to who when asked by a reporter Thursday?
  1. Meanwhile, what group of supporters scheduled a meeting with Dear Leader for June to discuss his involvement in sex scandals?
  1. The campus of what major tech company was under attack by what appeared to be an upset customer?
  1. The women’s final four featured 2 overtime games and a final won with a buzzer beater. Who won the tourney?
  1. Democrat Rebecca Dallet substantially won the election for a Supreme Court seat in what state?
  1. Despite leading polls for this fall’s election in Brazil, what former president lost an appeal on his corruption conviction and will serve time in prison?
  1. In a similar event what country’s former president was sentenced to 24 years in prison for corruption Friday?
  1. “This is nuts” declared Sen. Ben Sasse from what state about Dear Leader’s tariff war with China?

Ironically ironic: Dear Leader declared April National Sexual Assault Awareness month. Yes really


  1. Laura Ingraham
  1. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton
  1. Amazon
  1. China
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Kentucky
  1. The “Southern Strategy”
  1. Des Moines and Iowa City
  1. Lobbyists
  1. The National Guard
  1. Job growth
  1. Blake Farenthold
  1. Stormy Daniels
  1. Evangelicals
  1. Youtube
  1. Notre Dame
  1. Wisconsin
  1. Former Pres. Lula deSilva
  1. South Korea
  1. Nebraska

Andy Borowitz: “Walker dismayed that Wisconsin apparently smarter despite cuts to education.”

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