Anti-Trump/Reynolds Billboard Censored

Billboard “too controversial.”  This is the way of media. Conservative voices get all the exposure they want unquestioned.  Other voices get censored and banned, stifled.  Like there aren’t plenty of controversial billboards out there. As someone commented on a FB post, “you can’t swing a dead cat in Iowa without hitting an anti-abortion billboard.” But the simple and TRUE message, of Trump and Reynolds being “anti-worker, sabotaging schools, wrong for Iowa” is too controversial.

So exactly what part of this billboard is so “controversial”  you may ask. The photos of Reynolds and Trump seem fair, not particularly flattering but not an obvious intention to make them look bad by choosing the worst possible photo.  The message?  It’s an opinion, sure.  Perfectly valid opinion and based on fact that the Iowa Republicans and Trump have been sabotaging public education through budget slashing and appointing cronies to be in charge at the highest level.  What’s so terrible with saying they are “anti-worker?” They have done their best to cut teachers’ wages and bust unions.  “Wrong for Iowa?”  Yeah, that is a valid opinion shared by many Iowans, and not particularly controversial in any way.  The real reasons this billboard was deemed too controversial is because (1) it was true; and (2) the Republican crowd in charge wouldn’t like it.  Pure and simple. 

Here’s the email from Progress Iowa. Support them if you can; they work hard and do a great job.

“On Friday, we [Progress Iowa] placed our order for the billboard copied below. On Saturday, the Lamar Advertising banned it from running, saying it was too ‘controversial’ even though they’ve run similar ads in the past.

Their censorship of our message is completely unacceptable, but they won’t stop us from getting our message out. After we emailed Friday asking for your help to hold Ivanka Trump and Kim Reynolds accountable, you responded with nearly $1,000 raised in just two days. We will still put that money to good use — running our banned billboard message in online ads all over the state to educate Iowans.

And if you can chip in once again, we will keep the ads going and make sure every Iowan knows the truth about the anti-worker, anti-education Trump/Reynolds agenda.

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

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