Bobby Kaufmann Uses Name Calling And Insults To Defend Republicans At Local Forum

Rep. Bobby Kaufmann seems to think if he is belligerent enough, no one will notice that he has no idea what he’s doing.  In response to a constituent mentioning an item he had read in the QCTimes, and asking why the Republicans were trying to pass such extreme bills and apparently trying to “drown government in the bathtub,” paraphrasing Grover Norquist, Bobby responded by calling the QC Times a bunch of political hacks.  

Then one of his constituents asked this question drawing a reasoned response by Sen. Dvorsky validating the constituent’s perceptions.

When it was Bobby’s turn to speak, rather than show respect and civility toward his constituents who were there on their own dime, not getting paid by the taxpayers to be there, and who Bobby is getting paid to represent, Bobby chose instead to insult his constituent, calling him by name, and saying, in a sarcastic tone, “Well, Don, I can always count on you to be to the left of the far left, so I appreciate the consistency” and went on to whine, cry and complain about how sick and tired he is of Republicans being held responsible for corporate giveaways. 

So sad! Maybe you and your party should quit doing it then.   Or, if you are “so sick and tired of it” and can’t manage an appropriate response to a constituent’s question, maybe you should get a different job.  Not everyone has the temperament for public office.

Everyone who lives in House District 73, there is a Democratic challenger, Jodi Clemens.  Not only is she not a Republican, she will no doubt treat her constituents’ concerns with more civility and respect than what was on display by Bobby at this forum.  Check out her campaign websiteFacebook  page and find her on Twitter.

Watch the entire Muscatine legislative forum here. 

Map of HD 73

Iowa HD 73 – click on image to see larger view

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2 Responses to Bobby Kaufmann Uses Name Calling And Insults To Defend Republicans At Local Forum

  1. Laura Twing says:

    Technical point- Don isn’t a constituent in HD73dems. He is the chair of Muscatine County Dems.


    • Trish Nelson says:

      Point taken, but even if not Bobby’s constituent, he was there as a citizen participating in the forum, and deserves to be treated respectfully by someone who is being paid to represent Iowans.


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