Sunday Funday: Eric Greitens Blames George Soros Edition

8.5 minutes of a great president and some admirers

“Party of Responsibility” leader in Missouri, Gov. Eric Greitens has a bit of a different take on how one should take responsibility for one’s actions.

Greitens was outed by the ex-husband of a woman whom Greitens threatened to blackmail. The case took a surprising turn Thursday when Greitens was seen being taken into custody by the St.Louis sheriff in Missouri after he was indicted for charges connected with the threatened blackmail.

Greitens blamed the indictment on the St. Louis prosecutor which was BS because grand juries indict, prosecutors do not. So Greitens had to find someone else to blame it on. So reaching back a few years Greitens pulled out one of the Republicans favorite old boogeymen, George Soros. Soros had been in the closet so long he had to be dusted off.

Will he serve the purpose as scapegoat for the Party of Responsibility? Lots of people have believed it in the past. BTW denizens of the Republican’s boogeyman closet include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi up front. Buried deep we find Jimmy Carter, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. They are used on special occasions.

I can’t keep up. I do not know why I try. This quiz will be outdated before I finish it:

  1. 150 years ago Friday – Feb.23 1868 – what co-founder of the NAACP and leading black intellectual of the 20th century was born?
  1. Sarah Chadwick, a survivor of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High said AR15s should be named after what politician because “they are easy to buy”?
  1. What midwest governor has invited the NRA to hold its convention in the state’s major city this year?
  1. The administration announced it will open a new embassy in what controversial city this May?
  1. In Iowa, the senate is rushing through a budget bill that will cut how much in taxes at a time when Iowa can’t pay its bills?
  1. In a ranking for Presidents’ Day where did Dear Leader rank among presidents?
  1. Politico reported Friday that dear Leader would like his big boy parade on what national holiday?
  1. Looks like the Russians are doping again at the Olympics. A Russian failed preliminary drug testing after his team won bronze in what sport?
  1. In the Russian election interference probe, who pled guilty to two charges Friday and will cooperate with the investigators?
  1. Dear Leader went to a party at Mar-A-Lago how long after the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High?
  1. In one of the lowest blows to the poor, Dear Leader wants to cut federal assistance to the poor for what winter necessity?
  1. Billy Graham died last week. Apparently he didn’t give it all (or even much) to the poor as his wealth at death was estimated at how much?
  1. Even with his wealth Graham was just middling among the wealthy preachers. Who is estimated to lead the pack with an estimated $760 million?
  1. In their “blame the victim” mentality, the right wing conspiracy online claimed that teens from the Florida massacre that were appearing on news shows were what?
  1. Talk about birds of a feather. Friday the NRA gave a “courage under fire” award to what commissioner working to end net neutrality?
  1. Have we forgotten about the DACA deferees? Without congressional action the deferments are scheduled to end when?
  1. What family lost $15 Billion in value when stock in their family’s business dropped 9% last Tuesday?
  1. What men’s college basketball team lost its 2013 NCAA title in the wake of a sex scandal?
  1. What NRA spokeser stated “Many in legacy media love mass shootings” at the CPAC convention Thursday?
  1. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island will join together to study what currently banned by the federal government?

Andy Borowitz: BREAKING: Embattled NRA Auctions Three Hundred Congresspersons on eBay


  1. WEB Dubois
  1. Marco Rubio
  1. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska invited the NRA to Omaha.
  1. Jerusalem – to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary
  1. $1 Billion – Kansas here we come
  1. last 
  1. Nov. 11 aka Veteran’s Day in the US and Armistice Day around the world
  1. Curling
  1. Rick Gates
  1. 2 days.
  1. LIHEAP or heating and energy assistance
  1. $25 Million
  1. Kenneth Copeland
  1. “Crisis actors”
  1. Ajit Pai of the FCC
  1. March 5th.
  1. The Waltons of Walmart
  1. Louisville
  1. Dana Loesch
  1. Gun violence.

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