Factory Farm Moratorium Bill In Iowa Legislature

Urgent action alert from CCI:

For the first time ever, we have a factory farm moratorium bill in the statehouse!

But, Senator Ken Rozenboom (R, Mahaska) is refusing to bring this bill (SF 2008) up for debate in sub-committee. He is single-handedly blocking this crucial legislation from moving forward.

With the end of the first funnel quickly approaching on Friday, Rozenboom only has one week remaining to hold this meeting.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Senator Rozenboom to schedule a meeting on the moratorium bill!

What is Rozenboom afraid of? Why won’t he at least allow a debate on the moratorium bill introduced by Senator Johnson?

Iowans are bracing for yet another massive factory farm expansion. Yet, Iowa can’t even keep up with the 10,000+ factory farms already here. With Iowa’s lax oversight and minimal protections from factory farm pollution, it’s no wonder we now have 750 impaired waterbodies in Iowa.

Our water crisis is real — but in a recent meeting with CCI Action members, Rozenboom blamed water pollution on seagulls.


Iowans know that if we’re serious about cleaning up our water, we need a moratorium on new and expanding factory farms. We’re sick and tired of factory farms degrading our communities and having no voice in the process.

Spend three minutes to take action with this simple step:

Email Senator Rozenboom and tell him to schedule a sub-committee on the factory farm moratorium bill. He needs to listen to us, not the factory farm industry!

For a food and farm system that works for farmers, workers, eaters and the environment,

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