DeJear Will Strengthen Iowa Environment For Small Businesses

Deidre DeJear is running for Secretary of State. She is all about helping small businesses in Iowa. She will protect Iowa’s voting rights instead of  creating burdensome voter regulations intended to keep Iowans from having a voice.

Visit her campaign website   Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

From her campaign website:

“In their last session, our state legislature decided to pass the controversial voter ID law, which unfortunately erects more obstacles beyond just IDs for Iowans to cast their ballots. In every campaign she has worked for, Deidre has a track record of increasing turnout and registering new voters.

As Secretary of State, Deidre will ensure our voter process is secure, accessible and fair for ALL Iowans – meaning rural and urban, young and young-at-heart, those with disabilities, people with money and people without. Deidre believes that ALL Iowans need to have a voice at the ballot box.

Deidre understands that Iowa needs strong leaders and voters supporting them to find solutions for our state.”


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