Iowans Meet To Learn How To Strengthen Iowa’s Animal Welfare Laws

The Coralville Public Library room was standing room only as local citizens braved a fresh snowfall and cold temps to learn what can be done to help Iowa’s puppy mill dogs and more.

Iowa ranks 49th in animal welfare laws. Why are we last?  One reason is Big Ag hasn’t allowed protections for cats and dogs because they are afraid it will mean eventually they will have to be nicer  to livestock.  Seriously.  They have long taken refuge in the mythical “slippery slope” argument as to why they have blocked protections for companion animals.  But we may be getting past this problem.

A bill was introduced in the senate judiciary committee by two Republicans from Des Moines.  It made it past committee and identical bills can now be considered by the full house (HS B608) and senate (SF2181).  You may leave a comment about the bill at the links.

A bill for an act prohibiting the mistreatment of animals other than livestock and wild animals, providing for the rescue of animals by local law enforcement agencies, providing for criminal offenses and court orders, and including penalties.

Note the phrase “other than livestock.”  So Big Ag can just chill.

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Please contact your state representatives and senators.  Tell them you support passage of HS B608 / SF2181 that will strengthen animal cruelty laws. These legislators hear from lobbyists, puppy mill owners and breeders.  They need to hear from us.  Also, sign up with Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.  They are working hard to improve the horrible conditions for puppy mill dogs and more.

The event was sponsored by the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. Local TV station KCRG-TV 9 was there. Here is Samantha Myers’ report.

See KCRG video report here.

CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – Animal lovers and activists are preparing for a big day at the statehouse.

They had a meeting at the Coralville Public Library this afternoon called Understanding Iowa’s Animal Welfare Laws.   Panelists discussed current laws and what they want to change in the laws.

They say they are sick of what keeps happening to animals in the state.

One woman who showed up at the event says she was moved to get involved after the recent animal case in Vinton.

Authorities rescued hundreds of animals from a home in Vinton. A court later ruled all but 14 were neglected.

“I’ve seen it happen and I just want to be a part of the change part now.” Brooke Pettengill said.

Members of the lobbyist group Iowa Voters for Companion Animals spoke at the meeting urging the attendees to call their lawmakers.

“We really want our companion animals in Iowa to be adequately protected so the laws and the regulations to reflect the ideals of Iowa citizens,” Haley Anderson said.

The group supports a new bill that would adjust some breeder licensing fees and also change wording in state inspections. They are planning a lobby day at the state capitol February 20.

Click on the map to go to larger image to find puppy mills in your county.


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