Sunday Funday: Universal Healthcare Edition

Since I ran across these cute videos from it seemed like a good idea to remind us that once Dear Leader quits hogging the news, Democrats need to get back to the business of doing good things for this country. Certainly one of the most important, most wanted and what will be the most appreciated once we get it will be universal health care: (about 3 minutes)

Note the similarity to the old “Schoolhouse Rock” videos. We’ll have another after this week’s questions:

  1. Thursday night Fox News chose to cover what while they ignored the devastating story that Dear Leader had fired Special Investigator Mueller last June?
  1. Even though the firing of Mueller last June was breaking news Thursday, what reporter actually reported the story last June when it happened?
  1. What state is countering the FCC’s ending of net neutrality with the governor issuing an executive order requiring net neutrality within that state’s borders?
  1. The gymnastics team doctor convicted of multiple sex crimes was given what sentence?
  1. Fallout from the Nassar case included the resignation of Lou Anna Simon from her post as what?
  1. The school shooting in Marshall County, Kentucky was what number school shooting of the year 2018?
  1. These school shootings in 2018 include an incident in what Iowa city?
  1. What Iowa legislator made headlines last weekend with his arrest for DUI?
  1. The end of the government shutdown Monday also brought funding back to what program being held hostage by Republicans?
  1. The gun industry held its annual trade show in what city last week?
  1. What beloved rock star announced he has Parkinson’s Disease last week and thus will quit touring?
  1. In another gerrymandering case what state’s Supreme Court declared that gerrymandering violates the state’s constitution?
  1. Thanks to the tax cut bill, what maker of Huggies diapers will cut 5,000 jobs and close 10 factories?
  1. An 8.0 earthquake causing tsunami warnings along the west coast was recorded off the coast of what state Tuesday?
  1. Dear Leader gave a major hand to the fossil fuels industry by doing what to solar cells?
  1. Calling Dear Leader a “five-deferment draft dodger” what senator lambasted the president on the floor of the senate about the government shutdown?
  1. What group still backs Dear Leader nearly 100% despite stories of the huge payoff for sex with a porn star while he was married to Melania?
  1. Taylor Weyeneth will leave his cushy government job by the end of the month. Weyeneth became the #2 person in the Office of National Drug Control policy despite what?
  1. Who has been picked to give the Democratic response to Dear Leader’s State of the Union Tuesday?
  1. Republicans spent part of their week focusing on rumors of a “secret society” within what cabinet department?

Another video in the Schoolhouse Rock genre from (3 minutes)


  1. A car chase in Las Vegas
  1. April Ryan of CNN
  1. Montana
  1. 40 to 175 years
  1. President of Michigan State University
  1. 11
  1. Forest City. A man fired a pellet gun into a loaded school bus
  1. Chip Baltimore of Boone
  1. CHiP – shame on Republicans for holding children’s health hostage
  1. Ironically Las Vegas, just a couple miles from the recent massacre
  1. Neil Diamond
  1. Pennsylvania
  1. Kimberly Clark
  1. Alaska
  1. Slapping a 30% tariff on imported cells
  1. Tammy Duckworth
  1. Evangelical christians
  1. Being only 24 and having only worked on the Trump campaign
  1. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III  of Massachusetts
  1. Justice Department.

And finally a weekly dose of Borowitz:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Offers to Lie for Free During Shutdown

“Now more than ever it’s important that the stream of falsehoods and distortions from this White House continues to flow,” the press secretary said.

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