Austin Frerick For The Future

Austin Frerick has rolled out his first campaign video and like all of his communications,  it reflects who he really is and what he cares about.

Austin Frerick is one of the most exciting congressional candidates to come out of Iowa in a very long time.  Iowa’s third district would do well to take a serious look at this 20-something brainiac who also happens to be a regular, down-to-earth Iowan.

Austin is not like the other candidates and we mean that in the best of ways.  Read Austin’s Rurally Good Newsletter where you will actually learn important stuff you previously had no idea about.  He doesn’t just have a staffer send daily, dull, robo- e-mails with cliche, click-bait subject lines that are supposed to scare you into donating, like most candidates running for office.  Austin gives you something of real value before he asks for something in return. It is reciprocal. By the time he asks you to donate, you are already trying to figure out how much to send because you want to give money to support this candidate.

To find out more about Democrat Austin Frerick and to keep up to date with the campaign, sign up to volunteer, or make a donation.  Visit  Follow the campaign on and Twitter @AustinFrerick

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  1. Danny Bynum says:

    Austin, forget Trump and the Republicans, speak of trust, racial justice, LGBT rights and equality, Social Security and Medicare, fair tax system, voting rights and women’s rights. We need you in Washington.


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