Sunday Funday: Sorry I Was Away Edition

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two weeks left 

I feel it necessary to explain to those who enjoy this little quiz just what happened the last couple of weeks:

  1. Thanksgiving and a house crawling with family followed by:
  2. A series of computer troubles set off by one of those family members being a nice guy and upgrading my ancient system without telling me. Well, I needed a new one anyway…… (note to the administration: I do have a need for one piece of coal. Could I get it by December 24th?)

Right now the sun is setting at its earliest times and will do so for a few more days. I intend to enjoy these days in front of a warm, crackling TV set.

Just wish the world would slow down for a few days. I can’t keep up anymore.

1. Just who was chosen as TIME’s person of the year?

2. When is the vote to fill Session’s senate seat in Alabama?

3. How many House Democrats supported a resolution to impeach the president on Wednesday?

4. Wild fires near Los Angeles are being fanned by winds known as what?

5. The week started out with what former Florida congress woman being sentenced to 5 years in prison for mail, wire and tax fraud?

6.  The move of the Israeli embassy by the administration put the lives of Americans abroad in jeopardy for the second week in a row. What did the administration do last week to endanger Americans abroad?

7. According to our senior US senator, just what do we non-rich spend our pennies on?

8. What three member of the US congress resigned this week in connection to sexual allegations?

9. Thirty-seven years ago Friday, Dec. 8th, 1980, whose death shocked the world?

10. What MSNBC contributor was fired, then rehired over one 8 year old sarcastic tweet?

11. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has declared what state’s National Monuments off-limits in the administration’s downsizing?

12. Voters in Iowa who do not have other state approved IDs for voting will be getting one in the mail that will not have what supposedly necessary piece?

13. What Texas Republican congressman has yet to resign despite using $84,000 in public money to settle a sexual harassment claim against him?

14. In Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis picked up an opponent in next year’s election, someone to whom she had done what to a couple of years back?

15. What drug store giant has made a bid of $69 billion to buy health insurance giant Aetna?

16. James O’Keefe of ultra right wing fake news Project Veritas received an Impact Award from the wife of what major Washington, DC person?

17. The Supreme Court heard arguments concerning a wedding cake in a case that could have major implications for what currently illegal practice?

18. The DOJ is moving to open an investigation on Planned Parenthood concerning what once debunked sting videos?

19. What major country was banned from the upcoming Winter Olympics?

20. What political hot spot country will be hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics?

John Fugelsang on Facebook: “The Federalist reminds you that lgbt ppl can’t be trusted because they prey on children and Roy Moore should be trusted even if he preyed on children.”


1. “The Silence Breakers”

2. this coming Tuesday, Dec. 12th

3. 58

4. Santa Ana winds, some up to hurricane force

5. Corrine Brown

6. retweet bogus videos of Muslims committing acts of terror from an ultra right wing British source

7. booze, women and movies. Well I admit we did go to a movie this year

8. Al Franken, John Conyers and Trent Franks

9. John Lennon

10. Sam Seder

11. his home state of Montana where he is rumored to be preparing to run for governor

12. a photo

13. Blake Farenthold

14. illegally denied a marriage license to her future opponent David Ermold and his same sex partner

15. CVS

16. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginny Thomas

17. discrimination

18. the discredited videos concerning the transfer of fetal tissue

19. Russia

20. South Korea

Andy Borowitz on facebook: “People who say Trump should resign because he is a sexual harasser are not telling the whole story. He’s also the worst President in history.”

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