Sunday Funday: The Resistance One Year Out

Sad to have to remember that Wednesday is the first anniversary of the birth of something most of us could never imagine happening. On November 8th of last year, despite a drubbing in the popular vote, America was saddled with an incompetent buffoon for president. In response a resistance movement has grown from nowhere into a force in this country.

So far changes to the ACA have been resisted. A major challenge will be to resist the tax “reform” bill that will hurt America and most Americans except the top 1%. Remember how Republicans lied last year claiming they would be real friends to the working person? Who could ever believe a Republican would help a worker.

Along with the resistance to Republican policies is to continue to support Democratic efforts to find out just how bad our election system is. Russian interference, voter suppression and the always interesting question on who is counting the vote.

There was at least one silver lining in the clouds gathered over this country. I think it can be summarized in this little satirical song by musical satirist Rocky Mountain Mike: (1 minute)

Aye-yi-yi  –  I can not keep up!

  1. 1) More rats deserting the sinking ship. What state had 2 Republican congress members announce impending retirements last week?
  1. 2) An online petition started by what private citizen has garnered over a million signatures to impeach the current president?
  1. 3) Iowa had some time in the national news last week. What Iowan got much press when his role in helping Russia undermine our elections was uncovered?
  1. 4) Meanwhile what top Republican senator is blocking the nomination of Iowa Ag Secretary to a role at the USDA?
  1. 5) While charges have been brought in the Russian-election scandal, Republicans are trying to claim the real scandal involves Hillary Clinton selling what to Russia?
  1. 6) Speaking of treason, today is what big holiday in Britain celebrating the stopping of a plot to blow up the House of Lords?
  1. 7) A military judge decided that Bowe Bergdahl, who endangered his comrades by leaving his post in Afghanistan, will spend how much time in jail?
  1. 8) In an interview with Laura Ingraham Thursday the current president said vacancies in the State Department were not a worry because what?
  1. 9) This weekend the current president will be playing a round of golf where?
  1. 10) Kim Reynolds claimed at a fundraiser last Saturday that what group was “unhinged and out for us”?
  1. 11) Reynolds then welcomed what extremely divisive congressman to co-chair her election campaign?
  1. 12) The Republican tax proposal is out. What group makes out extremely well in their proposal?
  1. 13) It’s November and so the baseball season must finally be over. What team won their first ever championship this year?
  1. 14) “Papa John” Schnatter, owner of Papa John’s Pizza blamed his company’s falling sales on what continuing news story?
  1. 15) And the beat goes on. The head of what news organization has been placed on leave pending an investigation of sexual harassment allegations?
  1. 16) What major government figure claimed the Civil War started because of a lack of compromises?
  1. 17) The Attorney General of what state quit the defense in an election integrity lawsuit after the election computer server was found to have been wiped clean?
  1. 18) In a surprise move, what major Republican funder relinquished much of his holdings, including his major stake in Breitbart, which he sold to his daughters?
  1. 19) Iowa also made news when one of the management companies ended their contract with the sate for managing Medicaid. The remaining MCOs will get how much of a raise?
  1. 20) What presidential in-law and campaign adviser has been hosting policy meetings thus clearly crossing the line between campaign work and public service?

8 minutes, but well worth it


  1. 1) Texas – Hensarling and Lamar Smith
  1. 2) Tom Steyer
  1. 3) Sam Clovis
  1. 4) Ted Cruz for the oil industry in a snit over ethanol
  1. 5) uranium (decidedly not true folks)
  1. 6) Guy Fawkes Day
  1. 7) zero days
  1. 8) all the country needs is him (Trump)
  1. 9) Japan
  1. 10) liberals – damn she’s onto us
  1. 11) Steve King
  1. 12) The top 1% – the rest of us get trickled on
  1. 13) Houston Astros
  1. 14) the NFL having players kneel during the national anthem. Couldn’t possibly be the pizzas, could it?
  1. 15) NPR
  1. 16) Chief of Staff John Kelly – he may have dozed off in history class when that was covered
  1. 17) Georgia
  1. 18) Robert Mercer – is he implicated in the Russian-election scandal?
  1. 19) 3.3% more money that doesn’t go for patient care
  1. 20) Lara Trump (married to Eric)

13.5 minutes – Malcolm Nance discusses Papadopoulos:

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