Dave Loebsack For The People

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I feel fortunate to live in a district where the member of congress is more concerned about the needs of the constituents than the whims of the donors with the super deep pockets.

The Republican members of the Iowa delegation have spent this congressional session trying to take away health care and safety net programs. They also well ensconced in the back pocket of the NRA with Young and Ernst being particular favorites of the NRA So don’t expect any of them to work on any legislation that will in any way help Iowans.

Yet here in the second district Dave Loebsack didn’t forget why he is in congress. Our government is not there as a toy for the aristocracy, but as a tool to solve real problems together.

Thank  You, Congressmember Loebsack!

And just to add insult to severe injury, Iowa’s First District congress member Rod Blum votes against additional aid to Puerto Rico in a vote Thursday.  What is even more surprising is that King and Young voted for the aid.

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