Sunday Funday: Jane Goodall Appreciation Edition

Image (1) chimp.gif for post 1512There are many reasons to appreciate Jane Goodall. Her work studying primates for over 50 years has led to insights into human behavior. In that vein, Goodall made some comparisons between the current president and chimpanzee behavior for the Atlantic last year. This was rehashed and added to in a recent edition of the British newspaper the Independent by Prof. Dan P. McAdams.

Perhaps my favorite comparison is the tweeting habit of the current president:

Describing what he called a male chimpanzee’s “charging display” in an article in The Guardian, Professor Adams, of NorthwesternUniversity, said: “The top male essentially goes berserk and starts screaming, hooting, and gesticulating wildly as he charges toward other males nearby.”

He added: “Trump’s incendiary tweets are the human equivalent of a charging display: Designed to intimidate his foes and rally his submissive base, these verbal outbursts reinforce the President’s dominance by reminding everybody of his wrath and his force.”

It is a good, short, amusing read for a Sunday morning.

I can’t keep up any more.

1) HHS Secretary Tom Price said he will pay back $51,000 for rides on private jets he took . What is the estimated cost to US taxpayers for these flights?

2) While he was a congress member Price was involved in what practice that is illegal for congress members?

3) The ACA once again survived an attack by extreme right Republicans. Who was the final Republican senator to voice opposition that sunk this attack?

4) Happy birthday Mr. President! Having survived brain cancer a couple years back, what former president turns 92 today?

5) The current administration was slow in revoking what arcane shipping law, thus severely delaying aid getting to Puerto Rico?

6) Facing a huge natural crisis in Puerto Rico, the current president chose instead to focus his attention on a tiny kerfuffle with players in what sports league?

7) As it looked more and more like the ACA would not be repealed, the bill was changed to keep the ACA in effect in what state to try to buy that state’s senator’s vote?

8) Invoking some old memories, an anti-immigrant party in what European country scored significant gains in the national election last Sunday?

9) Despite not having a vote on killing the ACA, Iowa’s senators both came down on what side of repealing the ACA?

10) What major chain retail announced it will raise its minimum hourly wage to $11 starting in October?

11) “Lock them up, Lock them up!” What power couple in DC was revealed to be conducting government business on private email?

12) In a move that may hurt Iowa’s chances of getting an NFL team, what top Iowa official criticized players for kneeling for the national anthem?

13) Friday night to Saturday night (Sept. 29 & 30) was the celebration of what major religious feast?

14) The first Monday of October is traditionally the opening for what branch of the federal government?

15) Protesting wasn’t limited to football fields. Students and faculty at what university linked arms and took a knee for an appearance by AG Sessions?

16) Because they were “not fit and proper” London, England refused to renew the license of what taxi company?

17) In what seems to pop up every few years, coaches in what college sport have been arrested in a bribery scandal?

18) Following the major data breach suffered by his company, Equifax CEO Richard Smith got a golden parachute worth how much?

19) Another one bites the dust! What Republican senator announced he will not run for re-election in 2018?

20) In a proxy battle between Bannon and Trump for preeminence in the Republican party staged in the Alabama primary, who did Republicans pick as their senate candidate?

Sorry I missed last week, we had some family business to attend to.


1) well over $1million

2) stock trading based on inside information obtained because of his position

3) Susan Collins of Maine

4) Jimmy Carter

5) the Jones Act

6) the NFL

7) Alaska

8) Germany – the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party got 13% of the vote

9) Ernst and Grassley both came out for repeal

10) Target

11) Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Seems like Kushner just doesn’t follow any rules

12) Governor Reynolds. There goes the Des Moines franchise.

13) Yom Kippur

14) the Supreme Court

15) Georgetown

16) Uber

17) basketball.

18) $90 million.

19) Bob Corker of Tennessee

20) Roy Moore – a candidate that is way out there.

Don’t forget that the protests in the NFL concerned the rising death count of black citizens at the hands of police. It is not about disrespecting the flag as politicians such as Kim Reynolds and Joni Ernst pretend.

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