Union Recertification Begins Next Month In Iowa

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The massive and in my mind catastrophic overhaul had a clause meant to drive a wedge between state workers in Iowa.

Built out of the Republican playbook of “divide and conquer” the clause that puts the recertification of a union up for a vote before any contract renegotiation was put in there to pit worker against worker at a time of stress for workers – contract time.

And of course the Republicans who fashioned this bill made it as hard for recertification to happen as they could. To be rectified a union must get a majority of all union member whether they all vote or not. This is a high hurdle meant to bring the demise of union representation among state workers.

We hope that most of the workers see through the Republican laid traps and vote to remain unionized. No doubt there will be those who will want to throw unions out and I have no doubt there will be management skullduggery to plant seeds of discontent within the unions.

These are the games that have been played by management and their backers from the day the first unions were formed.

In case you forgot what this meant to some of the unbelievably wealthy donors of the Republican Party, let me remind you who was the ONLY person at the signing ceremony for this bill last February with Branstad: Koch Brothers’ lackey and apparent Branstad minder Drew Klein of the Koch funded Americans For Prosperity.

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Unfortunately there are many among the union ranks who support Republicans and for whom the hard won rights of union members mean nothing. Maybe the kick in the rear delivered by those Republicans finally made them think. We surely hope so for their sake and I daresay for the citizens of Iowa also.

Stay strong union members!

Here is a short video to explain why unions are so important for working men and women. Stated simply, as union representation diminishes, inequality in pay and benefits increases. Video about 3.5 minutes:

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