Sunday Funday: Pardon Me! Edition

He's available for some

Wow are we ever in untrod territory! The current president has been exploring just how extensive his pardoning powers are. Many analysts speculated a few months ago that he would be doing this, but it seemed at the time that such speculation was kind of out there. Now reports are that that is indeed what he is doing.

Can he pardon his staff and aides? His family? And of course himself? That seems to be a sort of an admission that any of those people are involved in illegal activities.

Meanwhile, in an interview he essentially called Jeff Sessions a spineless worm and Sessions agreed to that assessment a few hours later.

In another pronouncement he noted that the US senate now has only Republicans in it – the health care bill would lose 48 – 4 according to him. In doing so he also let out the big secret that Joni Ernst was hiding from Iowans on how she would vote. Little surprise that Ernst’s vote is on the side of huge tax cuts for billionaires. That’s how you keep your seat, not by help out the unwashed.

What will next week bring? For that matter, what happened last week? I can’t keep up any more.

1) The above mentioned interview was given to what failing fake newspaper?

2) Last Thursday, July 20th, was the 48th anniversary of what monumental human achievement?

3) In a move that had been anticipated, who resigned as White House communications director Friday?

4) The new man in the Democratic race for Iowa governor has what well-known name in Des Moines?

5) Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. What former president survived brain cancer in recent years?

6) As part of an ongoing lawsuit, DHS has been ordered to release visitor records to what off-site ‘White House?’

7) What percentage of Trump voters deny that Trump Jr. met with Russians despite his (Trump Jr’s) admission that he did?

8) What was the hottest summer in Iowa based on an average of reporting stations?

9) The spokesman for Trump’s legal team quit citing frustrations with warring factions. How long was he on the job?

10)The White House has been working to find primary opponents for what Republican senator who has been critical of the current president?

11) China signaled that it would be ready for war in a border dispute with what large neighbor?

12) The current president created much speculation when a second private meeting at the G20 conference with what other world leader was revealed?

13) Once one of the most powerful men in the country, what former Republican Speaker of the House was released from prison in Minnesota Tuesday?

14) Australian yoga instructor Justine Damond was shot by police after she called for them to check an intrusion in what major US city?

15) In Iowa, Kirsten Anderson won $2.2 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit against what group?

16) The administration nominated what totally unqualified Iowan to the critical science advisor role in The Dep’t of Agriculture?

17) Yet another Russian was reported to be at last year’s meeting between Trump, jr. and the Russians. This person has a history of what illegal practice?

18) Nearly defunct retailer Sears got a boost when what online giant agreed to sell Sears’ Kenmore brand appliances?

19) It was revealed Wednesday that Colorado has taken in about how much in tax revenue from marijuana since legalizing it in 2014?

20) As part of the investigation of the current president, what bank has agreed to turn over records of its dealings with Trump?

“Jesus never called the poor ‘lazy,’ fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper for a copay.”   — John Fugelsang


1) New York Times

2) Neil Armstrong walking on the moon July 20, 1969

3) Melissa McCarthy – I mean Sean Spicer

4) Fred Hubbell

5) Jimmy Carter – the cancers are quite different though

6) Mara-Lago

7) 55%  

8) 1936. July 13th, 1936 saw Iowa with an average high of 113 degrees

9) 2 months

10) Jeff Flake in Arizona

11) India

12) Putin

13) Dennis Hastert

14) Minneapolis

15) the Iowa Senate Republican caucus

16) Sam Clovis

17) money laundering

18) Amazon

19) over $600 million

20)Deutsche Bank

As with all summers, the days are getting shorter not longer.

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