Sunday Funday: Happy Birthday America Edition

Below is an 11 minute video of a really mad constituent letting his congress member – Tom MacArthur – really have a piece of his mind. You may note that our Republican congress members will be avoiding meeting with the public over the holiday – or at least they are not posting their schedules.

Senator Ernst will be sending out surrogates, but you can bet when those surrogates report back to her much of the intensity and passion of our messages will be scrubbed up and muted such that Ernst will not get the flavor.

It is nearly impossible to follow crooks working with Russia on one side while crooks on the other pick your pocket and give it to their rich buddies. Since it is Independence Day Tuesday we will mix in several related questions.

1) The Australian police in Melbourne issued a warrant for the arrest of what prominent Catholic prelate?

2) The tweeting president attacked what prominent cable talk show pair that had given him millions worth of free air time during the election?

3) What are the first words to the Declaration Of Independence?

4) Despite ongoing budget woes caused by Republican mismanagement, Gov. Reynolds said what will be open over the 4th of July?

5) The Republican healthcare(?) bill reached an incredibly low approval rating of what this week?

6) Signing the Declaration of Independence was an act of treason. How many signers did the Declaration have?

7) After constant belittlement of the press by the White House spokesperson, a reporter from what publication responded angrily to Huckabee-Sanders?

8) What senator warned his GOP colleagues that if they vote for the AHCA they shouldn’t expect the president to cover for them?

9) The head of the Iowa Democratic party made news this week by doing what?

10) Friday the current president tweeted that he will send federal agents to what American city due to that city’s crime problem?

11) Besides denigrating a prominent cable female host, the current president also appears to have let what White House Council focused on women go dark?

12) Once again last week computer systems around the world fell prey to cyber attacks known as what?

13) Chris Collins (R-NY) lost up to $17 million when what controversial stock collapsed last week? (hint: HHS Secretary Tom Price was accused of sponsoring legislation that pumped this stock way up)

14) The Missouri trooper on trial for manslaughter for the drowning of an Iowa man arrested for intoxicated boating was found guilty of what charge?

15) A monument at the Arkansas capitol with the ten commandments was hit by a car one day after it was erected. The person driving the car had also hit a similar monument at what other state capitol?

16) Which president was the first to hold a 4th of July celebration at the White House?

17) What politician is suing the NYT for defamation for an article in which the Times accused the politician of “incitement” before Gabrielle Giffords was shot?

18) Takata filed for bankruptcy last week. they have been beset by lawsuits over what product that is ubiquitous to the auto industry?

19) Six months ago it looked like MSNBC was changing direction when it gave this Fox alumna their lead-in to evening slot. Who did MSNBC fire Thursday?

20) This is what anniversary of the signing of the Declaration?

US Catholic Bishops on the Republican Death Bill:
“The loss of affordable access for millions of people is simply unacceptable. These are real families who need and deserve health care.”


1) Cardinal Pell, current finance minister at the Vatican.

2) Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

3) “When in the course of Human events”

4) Iowa’s state parks – YAY!

5) 12% in one poll or slightly above STDs

6) 56

7) Playboy

8) Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina

9) resigning due to health problems

10) Chicago

11) The White House Council for Women and Girls

12) ransom ware

13) Innate Immunotherapeutic. Collins was the first to blame democrats for the shooting of Steve Scalise

14) negligent operation of a vehicle

15) Oklahoma City

16) Thomas Jefferson – seems appropriate

17) Sarah Palin

18) air bags

19) Greta Van Sustern

20) 241st

Finally a 2 minute video from 1958 concerning global warning.

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