Ernst Asks Constituents To Explain How Health Insurance Is A Good Thing

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I received a reply from Joni Ernst after I called her office to say that I think she should not vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare.   So in the letter, that I have posted here,  she’s asking to hear from Iowans who have had positive experiences with Obamacare.  Like just being covered by health insurance isn’t self-explanatory.  But apparently for some people you have to spell it out.  Or  maybe she just would like it in a personal narrative form.   So this is your chance!  Contact her before the big vote.  Tell her your personal story about how having affordable health insurance is a good thing.

You can email her here:  email form:

Or call:

Washington, DC:  (202) 224-3254
Council Bluffs:  (712) 352-1167
Sioux City:  (712) 252-1550
Cedar Rapids:  (319) 365-4504
Des Moines:  (515) 284-4574
Davenport:  (563) 322-0854

Here is my letter from Joni Ernst:

Throughout my 99 county tour, I have heard   from many folks   facing premium increases, as well as   increases to deductibles and copays, that they simply cannot afford – all because of the ACA. Iowans in the individual market will likely see another massive rate increase next year, as Medica will be the only insurance provider selling individual market plans in every county statewide   for 2018.

We must continue to have an open dialogue as Congress continues to work on health care reform. I understand there are aspects of the ACA that some Iowans have had positive experiences with, and   it’s critical that I receive feedback directly from those folks, such as   yourself, so that we can work together to address the evolving needs of our health care system.

I cannot emphasize enough how important your input is as I closely examine this discussion draft.  Feel free to contact my office with any further information, as I always enjoy hearing from Iowans.


Joni K. Ernst
United States Senator

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6 Responses to Ernst Asks Constituents To Explain How Health Insurance Is A Good Thing

  1. Alan Long says:

    Hi Joni,

    I would hope that you will vote “No” on the health care bill that is going before the Senate. I am currently on Medicare and have a policy through Blue Cross and Blue shield. I am retired and need both of those to pay my medical bills. I have diabetes and arrhythmia. Just one of my medicines without insurance would cost me over $12,000 per year at the pharmacy. Without insurance I would not be able to afford this medication and would have to eliminate it. I take it for my diabetes.


  2. Alan Long says:

    I think that having affordable health care is a good thing. I don’t think that totally removing Obamacare is the way to go. There are some good things that it contains. What we need to do is to improve the items that do not work. We need to make sure that people can choose to see the medical provider and go to the pharmacy that they want. I mean no disrespect to President Trump but I feel that he wants to throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Other items on my mind include leaving the Paris conference on Climate Control. Please do not allow President Trump to back us out of that organization. He says that will bring us more jobs. My question to him is what good are jobs if we can not breath clean air. We need to stay in there. Also we need to resume building relations with Cuba. Our not being able to trade with them has gone on to long. We need their markets.


  3. Kirk D Hansen says:

    I am 61 years old, diabetic with high blood pressure. 9 years ago, when I had good, employer provided insurance, I suffered two small strokes which landed me in the hospital for a week (much of that time in intensive care). Since that time, I have had to relocate back to Iowa in order to care for my elderly parents, both of whom were suffering from dementia. I was able to work for a time, but my employer here did not provide quality health insurance. In 2015, my mother had to go to a nursing home, where she remained until her death, last year. I am currently living full time with my father and am unable to work due to my duties as his full time care giver. I am on medicaid, which has allowed me to retain a doctor who has corrected my high blood pressure through medication and is on the way to doing the same thing for my diabetes. Without these medications, I am reasonably sure that I would likely not live to the age at which my parents have. I need this coverage to survive. I strongly urge you to vote no on this cruel tax cut bill (IT IS NOT A HEALTHCARE BILL). Millionaires do not need a tax cut. Everyday people in situations such as mine NEED healthcare. This is a RIGHT. I know you are likely to follow your party and to hell with your constituents, but I suggest you think twice about it, before you do. You may not be up for re-election this year, but you will be soon. WE WILL REMEMBER.


  4. Kirk D Hansen says:

    You should also be aware that insurance providers would not be pulling out of the individual markets if your pre*ident would stop threatening to not pay the CSR’s and destabilizing the markets as a result. There ARE problems with the way the ACA is working, but they are mostly a result of the “free market” providers viewing the market as unstable. This is a result of the pre*ident threatening to sabotage the system by not paying the CSRs. It WON’T work….if he BREAKS it!!


  5. Eldon says:

    Im a vietnam vet and get crappy care in iowa Va. Learned of exposure to agent orange in 2013 what!!!!! WELL I Want to say vote no on the upcoming vote. And help us veteran’s get better care and get rid of contractors and bring back military doctors amd nurses.


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