Sunday Funday: Wonder Woman Weekend Edition

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What could have been

Many of us thought we would see Wonder Woman somewhere around the 20th of January. We needed her badly then and now our need is even greater.

At this point in her administration, Republicans would have had a dozen impeachment bills drawn up, but America would be having a love affair with their new President.

In the real world the loser who was inserted into the White House continues a path of destruction unmatched in our history on both the international and domestic fronts:

Internationally he has begun the destruction of the European Union, NATO and the Paris Climate Agreement. Vladimir Putin approves these actions.

Domestically he continues to careen like a bull on the tax cuts for the rich. This will include destroying Medicaid, parts of Medicare, Meals on Wheels, SNAP, the ACA, the environment, public education and voting rights among others. But he is getting behind such outdated ideas such as coal, oil and racism.

America needs Wonder Woman

Getting harder and harder to pay attention – they are wearing me down.

1) The current president moved to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accords. What other countries will the US join that are not part of the Accord?

2) The attacks on the press became literal last Sunday morning when a newspaper in what city had its windows shot out?

3) During his address on climate change, the current president said he was elected to represent which city, while the mayor of that city responded that he (the current president) hadn’t been?

4) Lebanon is seeking to ban showings of “Wonder Woman” in their country. Why?

5) Even though he blew a 0.0% on the breathalyzer what noted golfer was arrested for DUI in Florida last week?

6) Sticking with sports, what basketball icon had a racial slur sprayed on the front gate of his home in Los Angeles Wednesday?

7) What Iowa labor leader joined the crowded Democratic gubernatorial race last week?

8) Oh boy! What became legal to sell in Iowa as of last Thursday?

9) “Operation Overlord” was the code name for what historic military operation?

10) In a historic ruling on June 7th, 1965 in Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court struck down laws banning what practice associated with sex?

11) Jobs decelerated last month when it was reported Friday that the economy added how many jobs in May?

12) What automobile executive resigned from the current president’s Council of Economic Advisors over the decision to leave the Paris Accords?

13) What three states formed a climate alliance shortly after the US was withdrawn from the Paris Accords?

14) Must see TV next Thursday. Who will be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee in open session next Thursday morning?

15) The administration is moving to return what to Russian control after the Obama administration closed them due to espionage activity?

16) Star Wars returns! The US conducted what test Tuesday in response to North Korea’s recent missile tests?

17) Before announcing his decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords, the current president apparently consulted with who on the decision?

18) The administration is working on a draft to reverse the ACA requirement that most employers provide what coverage free within their health insurance?

19) A noose was found in what museum Wednesday causing the museum to be closed for 3 hours to investigate?

20) The current president created diplomatic concerns along with concerns about secrecy and security when he gave what to several world leaders?

You have to love John Fugelsang:
Donald Trump gets to say ‘fuck you’ to science & every living thing on Earth because he ran for president and came in second


1) Nicaragua and Syria. Syria is in a civil war and Nicaragua said the Accords didn’t go far enough.

2) Lexington, Kentucky

3) Pittsburgh, Pa.

4) The star – Gal Gadot – is an Israeli

5) Tiger Woods. Apparently he was messed up on prescription pain killers

6) LeBron James

7) Cathy Glasson

8) fireworks. I hope they are a dud

9) D-Day or the invasion of Normandy June 4th, 1944

10) contraception

11) 138,000

12) Elon Musk of Tesla

13) California, Washington and New York

14) James Comey

15) compounds on Long Island and Chesapeake Bay

16) a missile intercept test. It was successful, but diplomacy would be better.

17) Fox News talking head Kimberly Guilfoyle

18) contraception

19) The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History

20) his cell phone number

See you next week

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