Sunday Funday: Roger Ailes Dies Edition

When history records the most influential people of the late 20th century it will be a sad reflection on these times and this country that Roger Ailes should be mentioned as one of the most influential. Like so many before him, Ailes exploited fear, hate and greed to build an empire with little concern about the good of the whole. When we look to see what led to the rise of political creatures like Donald Trump, Ailes’ Fox News has to be the main driver.

Ailes helped resurrect and exploit the very fears and hate that drove this country apart 160 years ago. Sadly he is hardly the last of his breed, just one of the more successful.

The old saying goes that one must speak only good of the dead. Roger Ailes is dead. Good

The Rude Pundit has an excellent Sunday morning analysis of Ailes legacy.

Were you paying attention? It was really hard to keep up last week.

1) The impenetrable fortress where the Global Seed Project keeps its seeds had what near catastrophe happen to it this week?

2) Residents of a neighborhood in Muscatine was granted class status in an air pollution law suit against what company?

3) Hardly getting any notice at all this week, the US once again launched air strikes against what country?

4)” He was crazy, a real nut job” said Donald Trump about who?

5) 90 years ago yesterday, what aviator took off from New York and landed 33 hours later in Paris, France to complete the first trans-Atlantic flight?

6) Rumors abound that what cable news host may be replaced when his contract expires in a couple of weeks (June 4th)?

7) The SCOTUS surprised watchers when it let stand a lower court ruling that key parts of a voter suppression law from what state were unconstitutional ?

8) A ransom ware attack targeted computers with what operating system?

9) A massive 50th anniversary reissue of what ground breaking rock album goes on sale next Friday?

10) Surprising everyone including the president, who was named as a special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in our election?

11) What major politician announced formation of a political resistance group called Onward Together?

12) What Iowa city received national notoriety when its city council removed its mayor 10 days ago?

13) What Iowa senator claims “there is no evidence go Russian influence” in the last election?

14) Alabama rep. Mop Brooks says what disease is caused by a person’s actions and therefore should not be covered by insurance?

15) Tribune Company sold it 42 TV stations around the country to what right wing media company?

16) The FCC voted to end net neutrality Thursday. However that began a public comment period that will last how long?

17) The U of Iowa reached an agreement in a gender discrimination lawsuit with the coach of which athletic team?

18) The highly classified secrets that the president revealed to the Russians was gathered by spies from which of our allies?

19) Almost as surprising as his sudden opportune foot surgery, what congress member announced he will be leaving congress at the end of June?

20) Often an early sign of a weakening economy, what leading indicator unexpectedly fell in April for a second straight month?

Joy Ann Reid tweet on the death of Roger Ailes:
Ailes built an empire by creating a fantasy world for white, conservative men, where women are agreeable sex objects and POC are predators.


1) It was flooded from melting permafrost. Fortunately no seeds were damaged.

2) Grain Processors

3) Syria

4) James Comey. Trump was telling the Russian visitors that the pressure of investigation was off with Comey gone.

5) Charles Lindberg. May 20, 1927

6) Lawrence O’Donnell

7) North Carolina

8) Microsoft Windows

9) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band originally issued on June 1, 1967

10) Former FBI director Robert Mueller

11) Hillary Clinton

12) Muscatine

13) Chuck Grassley – guess he won’t be too open to the investigation.

14) type 2 diabetes

15) Sinclair Broadcasting

16) 90 days or until the middle of August.

17) women’s field hockey coach Tracey Griesbaum

18) Israel – and they are pissed

19) Jason Chaffetz

20) Housing starts

Rachel Maddow is now the most watched cable news show.

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