Republicans Want To Get Back To Work

Mitch McConnell says that Republicans want to get back to their agenda, so they could do with less “drama” from the White House.

Since it has been a while, maybe we should remind ourselves just what that agenda is.

Remember, they claim to be doing the work of ‘the American people.’

So ask around and see if you know anybody who is clamoring for this agenda:

– Ending the ACA and putting up to 30 million back to being without insurance

– Bringing back the pre-existing conditions exclusions on health insurance

– a huge tax cut for the wealthiest (including the Trump family)

– Cutting aid to public schools while sending public dollars to religious schools

– Cutting scientific research, especially into climate change and renewable resources

– Cutting Medicare (ending the ACA itself will have a huge effect on hurting Medicare) and privatizing it.

– Ending Social Security as we know it, tying it to the stock market.

– Ending environmental regulations

– Allowing oil drilling on federal lands

Ending net neutrality. Putting telecommunication corporations in charge of access to the internet

– Making voting harder nationally.

– Cutting food aid programs for the poor

– Cutting any assistance to the poor.

– Building a border wall between the US and Mexico.

This is only a partial list off the top of my head, so I am sure there is much more. Nothing in that list that is going to create a job or somehow make life any better for any American, except for the super wealthy.

Is this what they believe America wants? Because that is what they are aiming to stick it to America with. Their stars are aligned – they have the House, the Senate, The White House to sign anything and a Supreme Court ready to repel any challenges to the constitutionality of any legislation. They have waited decades for this opportunity and they do not want to waste it because of some illegalities by the president.

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