Congressman Blum Can’t Take Heat

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Was Blum really that upset by the natural and logical follow up question from a local TV reporter?  Some say his outrage was phony and staged. I tend to agree. 

Blum found himself backed into a corner and decided the easiest thing to do was to leave and take the opportunity to slam the “liberal media.”  It’s a common GOP deflection strategy. That way when you look like an incompetent coward on the TV,  you at least get something out of it.  And besides, Donald Trump has said the media  (NY Times, NBC News, ABC,  CBS,  CNN) is the “enemy of the American people” and he also  walked out of a CBS interview.  Joni Ernst avoided the Des Moines Register editorial board and other major Iowa newspapers during the campaign and she still won the election. Nobody cared. So why not just leave when it gets uncomfortable? 

Republicans have gotten so used to getting away with not doing their jobs for so long they are shocked and offended when a reporter has the audacity to ask a follow up question. He no doubt calculated, why stay and try to answer the question, revealing that I don’t have an answer, when I can just get up and leave with no consequence? 

He’ll probably get re-elected.  He seems curiously unconcerned about it.

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