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DFA Resistance LinkupAction alert from DFA –

The 100-day mark of Trump’s administration has been filled with intense resistance from Democrats and DFA members every step of the way.

We’ve marched in support of women and science. We’ve fought Trump’s Muslim ban and his community-destroying border wall. Together, we stopped Trumpcare — and we’ve made Trump’s Republican allies terrified to hold town halls in their home districts.

These past 100 days have been both infuriating and energizing. But our resistance can’t be short term. We need to show Trump and the GOP that we’re in this for the long haul.

DFA members across the country — and right in your neighborhood — are gathering this week to strategize about what comes next for the resistance. Will you attend a DFA Resistance LinkUp in May to coordinate and share ideas with local DFA members?

Yes! I’d like to attend a DFA Resistance LinkUp near me.

No, I can’t make it this month, but I’ll chip in $3 or more to support DFA’s local grassroots organizing.

Here’s how our resistance is working to create long-term change:

Voters in Kansas, Georgia, Montana, and Virginia are proving every day that we have the power to translate the energy we’ve seen at marches and town hall meetings into votes on Election Day. Every election in 2017 is an opportunity to build on our momentum and send a strong message to Washington: We are organized, we are committed, and we are ready to take our country back.

At the same time, we’re building grassroots power to hold Democratic leaders to a high standard — and we’re letting them know that we won’t compromise our values to win elections.

We know our resistance to Donald Trump needs to keep growing and planning for the long term. But deciding what comes next for the resistance is really up to you. At DFA’s Resistance LinkUps, members are coming together to share updates, coordinate upcoming events and make plans for long-term action to fight Donald Trump and elect Democrats in all 50 states.

Will you help us keep the grassroots resistance to Trump going by participating in a DFA Resistance LinkUp near iowa city this month?

Yes! I will sign up to attend a DFA Resistance LinkUp.

No, I can’t attend, but I’ll pitch in $3 or more to help DFA build the resistance all across the country.

Thanks for supporting our DFA Resistance LinkUps. If you’ve signed up, don’t forget to bring your ideas, bring your energy, and most importantly — bring a friend!

Mari Schimmer, Organizing Director
Democracy for America

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