Sunday Funday: Happy Beltane Edition

In honor of the Marches for Climate yesterday

May 1st holds some significance in nearly every culture in the northern hemisphere. Most likely this is because spring is getting warmer. Crops are being planted and even in ancient times there was a reasonable expectation that those crops would have weather that would allow them to grow and prosper.

May 1 is the celebration of Beltane in ancient pagan cultures. This was a time for pasturing the cattle and gathering flowers. Celebrations were held in hopes of good crops.

Now May 1st is a celebration of workers around the world, except in the US. Therefore we will sprinkle in a few labor questions. In the US the weekend around May 1 is often workers Memorial day.

One could note here that Republicans in the Iowa legislature open hate for workers appears to be among the forerunners in trying to return labor relations to the 1880s.

Were you paying attention?

1) First daughter Ivanka Trump was booed in Berlin, Germany for claiming her father was what?

2) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. As the noose seems to be tightening around Michael Flynn, what congressman took a leave of absence to repair surgery from 12 years back on his foot?

3) California farmers are facing a major shortage of what due to admin distortion policies?

4) May 4th, 1886 what incident occurred in Chicago that was one of the most momentous in labor history?

5) The administration named Charmaine Yoest to the top communication post at HHS Friday. Yoest is best known as an opponent of what?

6) Questions are arising concerning money raised for what administration event earlier this year?

7) Road trip! US senators were bussed to what location for a meeting concerning North Korea?

8) What senator skipped the event saying “I did not want to be part of a photo-op.”?

9) The administration delivered their tax plan. The plan was how many pages long?

10) Under the administration tax plan, corporate taxes would be reduced from the nominal 35% to what percentage?

11) May 1 is the birthday of what 19th and early 20th century labor leader? Hint: her name is the namesake for a current liberal monthly magazine.

12) Robert Pirsig died this week. He was the author of what widely read philosophical work in the 1970s?

13) France had its first pass at electing their president last Sunday. Can you name the two survivors?

14) In Iowa, the governor called Democratic criticism of a $150,000 transition budget to a Reynolds administration what?

15) What US city began removal of four monument dedicated to the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy”?

16) A gubernatorial candidate in what state took exception to the aforementioned statue removal claiming “It looks like ISIS has won!”?

17) Getting tough with our enemies, the administration imposed a 20% duty on lumber from what country?

18) What company is suing talk radio hater Alex Jones for claiming it supports “migrant rapists”?

19) In Sussex County, England a extremely rare copy of what important document was found in their records office?

20) In their latest proposal to end the ACA, Republicans in congress wanted to exempt what group from losing the pre-existing condition exemption in the current law?

21) Bonus – who did the administration blame their failure to vet Gen. Michael Flynn on?

BTW – it seems the GDP for the first quarter is down a bit. May be time to attack North Korea.


1) “a champion of women’s rights”

2) Jason Chaffetz of Utah. Rumor is he took money from Russians also.

3) farm workers

4) The Haymarket incident aka the Haymarket riot

5) abortion.

6) the inauguration. Many questions about donors and spending following the filing of reports the other day

7) the White House

8) Bernie Sanders

9) less than one

10) 15% and would still include loopholes. Thus the effective rate would probably be near 0.

11) Mary Harris “Mother” Jones.

12) “Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance”

13) Extreme right winger Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron

14) “sexist” – really grasping there, Terry

15) New Orleans

16) Virginia (Corey Stewart is the candidate)

17) Canada – what?

18) Chobani

19) the Declaration of Independence

20) members of congress

21) Obama – cause everything is Obama’s fault

Democrats are holding fundraisers around the state. Join in and help return sanity to Iowa.

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