Sunday Funday: I Will Pay These Taxes Edition

I guess the questions are: Will Benedict Donald (Trump) be paying any taxes this year? Will we ever see any tax returns of his? How much does he stand to make in tax cuts through his policies, especially the one that cuts Medicaid that will kill the elderly and poor?

BTW that $575 for the war machine is a way low figure. Not sure where the original poster got it. More like $2500.

Were you paying attention? It was one hell of a week.

1) You cross the mob boss, you get death threats. The federal judge who blocked what has been getting death threats from 45’s supporters?

2) Iowa is facing loss of tourism revenue due to racist comments from what Iowa official?

3) The perpetrator of an attack outside of the British Parliament building Wednesday was born where?

4) The replacement for the ACA which Republicans are touting is the quite deceptively named (initials)?

5) The vote on the replacement for the ACA was originally scheduled to take place on the anniversary of what?

6) What author of “The Feminine Mystique” saw her book kick off a new wave of feminism in the latter half of the 20th century?

7) What GOP big time funders created a fund for Republican House members who voted NO of the ACA replacement?

8) What House chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence broke all sorts of rules, maybe laws, by telling the president of intelligence intercepts in which the president was involved?

9) Branstad signed yet another anti-worker bill last week when he approved a bill that would drastically reduce the ability of those affected by what substance to sue?

10) Officials in Philadelphia have cancelled what May celebration over fears of crackdown on immigrants by this administration?

11) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he would keep a meeting with the Russians while blowing off a meeting with what group?

12) What two entertainment figures with similar names passed during the past 8 days, one music giant and one known for quirky game shows?

13) The US dropped to 14th from 13th on the World Happiness Report. What country was cited as the world’s happiest?

14) Documents revealed this week that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort also had a contract for $10M with a close ally of what world leader?

15) The Muppets will add a new character in April. It will be a girl with what condition?

16) The thimble, boot and wheelbarrow will soon no longer be playing pieces in what popular board game?

17) What early female movie star also became a pioneer behind the camera when she, DW Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Douglas Fairbanks formed United Artists in 1919?

18) In a truly sad show of abuse of power Paul Ryan had Capitol Police clear what group of protestors from the Capitol Wednesday?

19) Responding to a question from Chuck Todd what congressman said “there is more than circumstantial evidence now” that Trump associates colluded with Russians?

20) What now suspended Fox News commentator claims the current president has told him he is “on the shortlist” for a Supreme Court vacancy?

Chuck Schumer says it would be wrong to vote on Gorsuch for SCOTUS while Trump is being investigated for possible treason. That seems a very reasonable position.


1) the Muslim travel ban

2) Steve King

3) Kent, England

4) the ACHA – see it’s so similar it’s hard to tell the difference

5) the signing of the ACA by President Obama

6) Betty Friedan

7) The Koch brothers. Looks like their threats beat Trump’s threats

8) Devin Nunes of California

9) asbestos

10) Cinco De Mayo

11) NATO

12) Chuck Barry rock and roll pioneer and Chuck Barris game show (Gong Show, Newlywed Game) entrepreneur

13) Norway

14) Vladimir Putin

15) autism. Her name will be Julia

16) Monopoly

17) Mary Pickford

18) disabled (many in wheelchairs) protesting the repeal of the ACA

19) Adam Schiff (D-Ca) ranking member on the House Special Committee on Intelligence

20) “Judge” Andrew Napolitano

Is it time for a new election yet?

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