Removal Vote On Mayor Of Muscatine Thursday Morning

Muscatine City Council with Mayor Broderson

The somewhat mysterious process that the Muscatine City Council has used in their proceedings against Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson will become much clearer Thursday morning when a removal hearing will be held at City Hall at 8AM.

As far as I can tell the meeting is open to the public.

The attempts to remove Mayor Broderson have been reported across the country. There have been undertones of sexism and of highly partisan politics for those of us viewing it from outside of the city. Removal of mayors is not a common process in this country.

Perhaps the best in depth story on this situation comes from the Voice of Muscatine blog from last month.

Since the council has been united in this process, one can probably expect a vote for removal to be a foregone conclusion. I have no idea what action may be taken after that, if any.

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