Ernst, Grassley Vote To Begin Repeal Of The ACA

Returning some money on the Koch investment?

In what can best be described as a blitzkrieg by the new radical Republican congress, the senate is trying to fulfill the wet dreams of their wealthy donors in a lightning attack on our way of life. No doubt this is in hopes that by the time we realize what hit us our way of life will be in a shambles ready for them to rebuild to their liking.

Cabinet heads who despise what their departments stand for and ready to dismantle their effectiveness immediately. Repealing laws which have been passed and improved over time which have helped generations of American families weather some of the worst that life can throw at them because as Americans we look out for each other.

And of course at the center is an egomaniac who is much more worried about people laughing at him than about the good of 300 million citizens.

One of the most serious concerns of many Americans right now is what will happen to their health care and how quickly will it happen. Threats to end any form of public health care have emanated from the Republican Party back to prior to the passage of Medicare. Do you remember the Ronald Reagan videos warning of how public health care will collapse the system?

There is a guy that could lie with a straight face. You may be hearing some of this old crap again soon.

As many have done the last couple of weeks I called my senators to express my opinion. Grassley’s office simply took my name, claimed they recorded my opinion and that was that. When I asked what Grassley’s stance was on repealing the ACA they said they did not know and that was that.

We actually met with an Ernst staffer. He did answer some questions. When I asked if Ernst favored repeal the staffer told me that the staff had been advised that she would not vote for repeal until they had a replacement. The staffer also said that the senator said a replacement must have the provisions of keeping children on the parents policy until they are 26 and the provision not allowing pre-existing conditions.

As sometimes happens, life steps in to illustrate things. Wednesday night into Thursday morning the radical senate Republicans continued their blitzkrieg on health care. In order to repeal the ACA, they had to set it up so it is part of what is known as the budget reconciliation process. In other words this was the very first vote in the process to repeal the ACA.

There was no replacement. Thus there were no provisions for children up to age 26 staying on the parents policy and no provision striking down pre-existing conditions. That is to say Ernst’s conditions for her vote were not met. Based on what her staffer claims she said she should have voted NO. Instead she voted YES, thus betraying herself.
From an article on common

“Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was the only Republican to join all Democrats in voting no.”

Ernst, despite her self-imposed criteria, still voted to repeal.

No one should be surprised. Ernst was one of the prize trophies for Charles and David Koch in 2014. Thinking that she would defy them on one of their most precious desires is almost unfathomable, despite what she may claim. The real crux of the vote is this: repealing the ACA will be a huge tax cut for the wealthy. From dailykos comes this analysis:

“Urged on by Trump, the Senate overnight adopted a budget resolution that clears a path for eliminating the tax-and-spending provisions of the Affordable Care Act by simple majority vote — no Democratic cooperation required. That means repeal of two provisions targeted at high-income households: a 0.9 percent hospital insurance tax on earnings above $250,000 for couples and a 3.8 percent tax on capital gains, dividends and other nonlabor income above that same threshold.

That would provide a tax cut averaging $7 million for each of the 400 highest-earning taxpayers, according to new calculations by the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities using Internal Revenue Service data. That cut, the center estimated, would amount to $2.8 billion annually overall — or approximately the value of Obamacare subsidies for those with modest incomes in the 20 smallest states and the District of Columbia.

Overall, eliminating those two levies would represent a tax cut of roughly $346 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Households with million-dollar-plus incomes — a much larger group than the top 400 — would receive an average tax cut of $49,000 a year, the center says.”

Of course you know how Grassley will vote. He has been one of the the extreme right’s most loyal votes for decades. He seldom misses a chance to inflict some pain into the lives of the poor.

Once the ACA is repealed the replacement will be a long time a-coming. Most likely with the next Democratic congress and president. And guess who will be hurt most by the repeal of the ACA? Those who voted for Trump. Nothing like kicking your constituents right in the face.

Oh and a note to you who voted for radical Republicans to get rid of Obamacare, thinking you would have a fallback position of the ACA. Are you feeling a little – uh – surprised to find out they are the same thing?

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