Sunday Funday Quiz: Christmas Edition

For one day we shall kick back and test your knowledge of things relating to Christmas, the solstice, Saturnalia or other festivities that happen this time of year.

Here are today’s guest hosts:

And Happy Holidays To All

Ready? Here we go!

1) What actor from Iowa starred in “It’s A Wonderful Life?”

2) In 1947 Valentine Davies wrote what story about a disillusioned woman, her skeptical daughter and a mysterious man who believes he is the real Santa Claus that became what Christmas movie favorite?

3) One of the most famous versions of “Little Drummer Boy” has Bing Crosby singing the song and what recently deceased rocker singing a counterpoint named “Peace On Earth”?

4) “The Good King Wenceslas” was based on what real life person?

5) What old time political cartoonist in the US (hint Civil War era) may be most responsible for our image of Santa Claus?

6) Many Christmas traditions go back to the pagan festival of the winter solstice in Northern Europe known as what?

7) “What Child Is This” is sung to the tune of what English folk tune?

8) In “It’s A Wonderful Life” what is the name of the angel sent to help George Bailey?

9) A series of unplanned, unofficial ceasefires known as “the Christmas Truce” occurred during what major conflict?

10) The good old days! As the name ‘Gilbert’s U238 Atomic Energy Kit’ implied, kids in the 1950s got a chemistry set that included what?

11) I woke up early on Black Friday in 1998 to drive to a store to get a limited item present. When I got there five people were fighting over what toy of the year? Hint – it looked like a cuddly animal.

12) The Christmas staple, Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” was published just before Christmas of what year?

13) Much of the legend of Santa Claus today seems to be based on what Norse god?

14) Clark Griswold is the main character. What is the Christmas related movie?

15) You’re in Canada and you are surprised to find out that the day after Christmas is a huge holiday. What is the name for that day?

16) What president reportedly tried to ban Christmas trees from the White House due to environmental concerns (deforestation)?

17) December 25th and the longest day of the year has just past and it is very warm. What kind of mammal might you see go hopping by?

18) A time for feasting, goodwill, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and the decoration of trees. This describes what festival that was celebrated around the winter solstice in Roman times?

19) In Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” the Ghost of Christmas Present opens his robe to reveal a ravished looking boy and girl. The ghost introduces them to Scrooge with what names?

20) The deliverer of presents in many Germanic areas of Europe is a sprite like child known as what?

That’s enough! time for pie! —I mean Answers:

1) Donna Reed from Dension, Iowa

2) Miracle On 34th Street

3) David Bowie

4) Vaclav the good aka Wenceslas Duke of Bohemia 907 – 935AD

5) Thomas Nast

6) Yule (or Jul)

7) “Greensleeves”

8) Clarence Oddbody

9) World War I

10) a little bit of uranium

11) Furby

12) 1843

13) Odin

14) Christmas Vacation

15) Boxing day – it is celebrated throughout the British Empire

16) Teddy Roosevelt

17) You are in the southern hemisphere, possibly Australia. So a kangaroo just hopped by

18) Saturnalia

19) This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want

20) Christkindl (christ child)

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