Sunday Funday: Wha’ Happen? Edition

The quiz master is is not in much of a festive mood. It took nearly 48 hours to start functioning again. One thing is for sure: I apologize for any extra publicity I may have given a certain party and will attempt as best is possible to avoid use of the name in the future. For one thing my stomach gets tied in a knot at even hearing the name.

Stay strong folks and hopefully we come out alive and ready to do battle in two years and four years also.

Here goes:

1) The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month what was signed?

2) Despite a now cloudy future, what insurance program had its best enrollment day ever Wednesday?

3) The most violent storms in decades hit what southern hemisphere capital killing six and injuring scores more?

4) Kamala Harris of California became the second black woman ever to be elected to the senate. Who was the first?

5) In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto became the first what elected to the senate?

6) What percentage of eligible voters did not vote in Tuesday’s election?

7) Who will most likely replace Harry Reid as minority leader of the senate?

8) How many states legalized the use of recreational marijuana Tuesday?

9) How many states legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes Tuesday?

10) Nov.11, 1992 the Church of England allowed women to do what?

11) On Nov. 13, 1942 the five Sullivan brothers die in combat when their ship sinks. What is their hometown?

12) What once stable state suffered a 5.0 earthquake near a major oil storage facility?

13) Daniel Ortega was reelected to a third term in what central American country?

14) Voters in what NFL city rejected a referendum to fund a new stadium?

15) The value of what country’s currency dropped to a new low in response to our election?

16) What first female US Attorney General died this week in Florida?

17) Protests against Tuesday’s election broke out in cities across the US including what city in Iowa?

18) Nov. 18, 1993 what ended in South Africa?

19) Among names floated to run the DNC what former chair has been mentioned?

20) The largest online shopping day in the world happened Friday. What was it?

That’s all I got folks.

1) the armistice to end WWI

2) Obamacare or the ACA

3) Johannesburg, South Africa.

4) Carol Mosely Braun of Illinois

5) Latina

6) 46.9%

7) Chuck Schumer of New York

8) 4 – Cal, Mass, Nev, Maine

9) 4 – Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota

10) become priests

11) Waterloo, Iowa

12) Oklahoma (Cushing, Ok)

13) Nicaragua

14) San Diego

15) Mexico

16) Janet Reno

17) Des Moines

18) white rule

19) Howard Dean

20) Singles Day. Mostly in China, Alibaba promoted it as an anti-valentines day for singles. Sales will top $20B much larger than black Friday and cyber Monday put together.

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