Sunday Funday: Election Eve Eve Edition

The FBI In Action

Victor Laszlo @Impolitics
This will always be remembered as the presidential election in which the KKK, the KGB and the FBI all supported the same candidate.

I am expecting a call from the FBI soon. I contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign and I am just sure that the FBI will soon be combing through my emails to find all those requests for more money from her campaign. I understand from Russian hackers that if those emails are printed out and arranged in a certain way they reveal that Hillary Clinton has been known to be the lover of the former leader of a certain major western country.

Were you paying attention to hopefully this last week of craziness?

1) Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly were found guilty in what New Jersey scandal that may also involve Gov. Christie?

2) The accused murderer of two Des Moines police officers had recently been removed from an Urbandale football game for doing what?

3) November 3, 1948. What newspaper carried the premature headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”?

4) Elected Nov. 6, 1860 – what man also made an address at Gettysburg? This man’s address did not begin by denying sexual assaults.

5) Mexican pesos are sliding in trading as the possibility of who being elected president increases?

6) In Lebanon, Ohio Democrats came to their headquarters last Sunday they found what had been dumped on their doorstep?

7) OOPS! The Branstad administration is giving the privatized Medicaid management companies how much more money?

8) After announcing last week that the FBI were investigating more Clinton emails, the FBI admitted this week that they hadn’t done what?

9) Alabama experienced a second explosion of what in a month Monday?

10) The last time the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series what major world event had just ended two months previous?

11) Donald Trump got a ringing front page endorsement from what group’s newspaper?

12) In a surprising poll Florida Republicans voting early selected Hillary Clinton on what percent of their ballots?

13) A historically black church was burned Tuesday night in what state?

14) Mitt Romney claimed he would get unemployment down to 6% after his first term. What was the unemployment rate as of Friday morning?

15) Donald Trump singled out what reporter as an example of why he gets poor press in Miami Tuesday?

16) A news conference by the woman who is suing Donald Trump for rape was cancelled in LA when what group hacked her lawyer’s emails?

17) As if in solidarity a herd of what showed up to the Dakota Access Pipe Line protest last week?

18) Friday, who confirmed that FBI agents had leaked information on Clinton emails to the Trump campaign?

19) Paul Ryan wouldn’t use the name of what presidential candidate when asked who he had voted for?

20) The Rowan County Kentucky clerk who made big news last year by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is now being requested to pay what?

GET OUT AND VOTE as if your life depended on it


1) Bridgegate – Christie still claims he didn’t know despite testimony to the contrary

2) Bringing and waving a confederate flag at the game.

3) The Chicago Tribune

4) Abraham Lincoln. Some difference in Republican candidates then to now

5) Trump – markets are sliding out of fear Trump may win

6) a truck load of manure. The perfusion was caught on the security cam and has been arrested.

7) $33 million. talk about a scam.

8) read the emails or even obtained a search warrant

9) a gas pipeline.

10) WWII

11) the KKK

12) 28%

13) Mississippi

14) 4.9% – good thing Mitt didn’t win.

15) Katy Tur of NBC. She was then subject to very hostile taunts by the crowd.

16) Anonymous (guess who’s working for Trump these days)

17) buffalo

18) Rudy Giulliani

19) Donald Trump. ryan would only say he voted for his party’s nominee.

20) the lawyer fees and court costs for the couples that had to sue her. The total is @ $233,000. Kim Davis was the name if you forgot.

here is hoping next week’s quiz will be a happy one.

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