Sunday Funday: The Day Before The Debate Edition

Love Olbermann’s comments. This one is about 6 minutes

Are you watching? Are you not watching? Will you be blogging it? Or will you hide out on Netflix?

The day is here tomorrow – 2016 presidential Debate #1. While the debate itself is extremely important, what is maybe just as important is the post debate spin. Republicans will be putting a lot of effort into making sure that on corporate run network after corporate run network their boy Donald will be declared winner of the debate despite his ties to Russia, his illegal use of his charity’s money and his fraudulent university. The corporate run networks will tell us that America wants a tough talker even when he has no idea what he is saying.

They will also point out that Donald is the only man in the race, in case you missed that.

I can only hope Lester Holt refrains from asking Trump for his autograph.

Were you paying attention?

1) Going into the post season fans of what long suffering baseball team are hopeful of their first championship in over 100 years?

2) A Canadian man was accused Tuesday of smuggling C$180,000 out of the Royal National Mint where he worked by doing what?

3) A second bomb in New York last Saturday night was accidentally defused when what happened?

4) In Minnesota, a man dressed in a mall security outfit attacked mall shoppers with a what?

5) The NYC bomber was captured when a New Jersey bar owner found him doing what?

6) Republican VP candidate Mike Pence said his role model as vice president is who?

7) An Iowa graduate student was shot by her brother as she was driving and her brother was doing what?

8) Gas prices are rising quickly in the southeastern US following what?

9) Almost totally unreported by the corporate press, what group of Americans have been staging off again, on again strikes for the past couple of weeks?

10) Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault appealed to what organization to help in stopping construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline?

11) Twenty one states including Iowa sued the Obama Administration Tuesday to stop the implementation of what on Dec. 1st?

12) At the trial concerning the bridge lane closures in New Jersey in Sept. of 2013 what high level unindicted official was claimed by defendants to have known of the closures as they happened?

13) What elder of the Republican Party created headlines when he said he will be voting for Hillary Clinton?

14) What celebrity couple announced their split?

15) Mahoning County, Ohio campaign chair Kathy Miller resigned after she was recorded claiming (among other things) that racism began with what prominent American?

16) Black men died from police bullets in controversial shootings in what two major American cities last week?

17) What formerly major tech player announced its data had been breached several months ago affecting hundreds of millions of users?

18) Despite having been declared unconstitutional, Trump called for the reinstitution and nationalization of what police policy?

19) Two Ron Paul campaign aides were sentenced for their part in the bribery scheme in the 2012 presidential campaign. What former Iowa state senator has not as yet been sentenced for receiving those bribes?

20) Donald Trump was outed for illegal self-dealing. This means that he used money from where to pay his own bills?

I am a late September baby. I know what my parents were doing over the holidays the year before I was born.


1) The Chicago Cubs. Now owned by the very Republican Ricketts family

2) carrying pucks (unstamped gold) out of the mint in his ass

3) Two thieves removed the pressure cooker inside so they could steal the luggage it was in.

4) knife

5) sleeping in the doorway of the bar

6) Dick Cheney

7) cleaning his supposedly unloaded gun in the moving car

8) a gas pipeline rupture in Alabama

9) prisoners

10) UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

11) the new overtime rules for management personnel (will be paid overtime if pay is below ~ $48,000)

12) Governor Chris Christie

13) former President George H. W. Bush

14) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

15) Barack Obama. Before that she said, everything was fine

16) Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, NC

17) Yahoo. This may well squelch their sale to Verizon.

18) Stop and Frisk.

19) Kent Sorenson

20) his charity – the Trump Foundation. He paid a couple of fines and bought himself a couple of nice gifts

“Elect the First, Not the Worst” That is: Elect the first woman ever, not the worst man ever.

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