Sunday Funday: Clinton Doesn’t Look Like A President Edition

Whoopsie, Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag the other day and let us know what the real underlying issue is in the campaign – Hillary Clinton doesn’t look like a president. By golly why couldn’t all the media and all the citizens discern that? Steven Colbert explains Hillary’s big problem in this 8 minute video ( Colbert’s diagnosis starts @ 5 minutes in):

May I offer some suggestions to Hillary? 150 years ago another presidential candidate got some great advice on shoring up his looks when a young admirer suggested to Abe Lincoln that he grow a beard. Worked for Abe, could it work for Hillary? If not a full beard maybe a goatee to give her an intellectual air? Or perhaps just a mustache to give her a more mature look?

Besides not having a penis, another item Colbert forgot was that her breasts are far larger than previous candidates maybe with the exception of William Howard Taft.

Not sure if these suggestions will help, but I offer them in hopes of helping. But there were other candidates who did win who did not have the full presidential look. I offer the aforementioned Abe Lincoln as one example and the rather diminutive James Madison as another. Perhaps Clinton will do just fine with her natural looks. At least her hair doesn’t look nearly as fake as Trummp’s.

Were you paying attention?

1) The big campaign event last week was NBC’s presidential forum. Even NBC News executives agreed that the big loser that night was what moderator?

2) Mexican senator, Armando Piter, proposed a law that would do what if Donald Trump is elected president?

3) 50 years ago last Thursday (Sept. 8th) what TV show premiered that despite low ratings has had a long lasting effect in the US?

4) A few days later (Sept. 11, 1966) another TV show premiered that followed the antics of members of what soon to be major rock band?

5) Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson made a critical area when he responded to a question by asking “What is “ what city?

6) As the press and Republicans fail to pin a scandal on Clinton, it looks like Republicans will have to contend with a bribery scandal involving what 2 Republicans?

7) During the presidential forum Wednesday, Trump expressed admiration for what foreign leader?

8) Republicans in the senate once again tied emergency funding to combat the outbreak of what disease to other poison pill legislation, thus assuring its defeat?

9) The city of Atlantic, Iowa has been receiving complaints about a presidential campaign sign with an offensive message that says what?

10) Tomorrow (by my count) marks how many days of obstruction by Chuck Grassley on the Garland nomination?

11) A decision by Britain’s National Health Service to deny non-life threatening surgery to what two groups of people has been put on hold as discriminatory?

12) “I don’t bother talking about it” Trump told Bill O’Reilly. What doesn’t Trump talk about any more?

13) President Obama cancelled a meeting with Philippine President Duterte after Duterte called Obama a what?

14) What long time Fox host announced she would be leaving Fox when her contract was up?Then on Tuesday she was out the door immediately.

15) Congress is back for a short session and Republicans are talking about impeaching who?

16) Republicans in the House have also threatened to punish what group of fellow legislators?

17) What NFL player’s jersey is now the best seller?

18) Outrage to come! President Obama nominated a person of what religion as a federal judge?

19) What banking giant was caught by federal regulators with having employees open secret bank accounts and apply for credit cards without customer knowledge?

20) Democrats in what state have sued to have Donald Trump removed from the ballot since his campaign has failed to follow laws to get on the ballot?

From what I hear the book “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston really reveals the real (and very much a narcissist) Trump. I will be picking one up this week. Read about it here


1) Matt Lauer

2) cancel the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848. This ceded areas that are now California, Texas plus parts of nearly every other western state except the very northern tier.

3) Star Trek

4) The Monkees

5) Aleppo

6) Donald Trump and Florida AG Pam Bondi

7) Vladimir Putin. Putin used to be an enemy

8) the zika virus

9) “Trump That Bitch”

10) 180 days or 6 months. That’s our Chuck – he’s a record breaker!

11) ‘fat’ people (BMI over 30) and smokers

12) his birther claims about Obama. Remember when he claimed his investigators had uncovered the truth in Hawaii?

13) son of a bitch or son of a whore. Apparently this is standard for Duterte

14) Greta Van Sustern – that was quick

15) the head of the IRS. Apparently there are no problems to deal with

16) Those who participated in the gun law sit-in last June (Dave Loebsack, stand up proudly!)

17) Colin Kaepernick – here we see a fine demonstration of how to burn a Kaepernick jersey: (2.5 minutes)

18) Muslim really!

19) Wells Fargo. As of now only low level employees have been cited as being violators

20) Minnesota

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