Iowa Senate Democrats Hold Hearings On Medicaid Mess

Iowa Capitol

Iowa Capitol

Who can forget what a huge hurry Gov. Branstad was in to turn Medicaid administration over to privatized companies last summer and fall despite warnings that the companies were in no way ready. He couldn’t wait to hand out taxpayer money over to his cronies. Now we are approximately 4 months into Branstad’s ridiculous experiment in taking something that works and making it not work.

This may be what Republicans call a success, but for thousands of Iowans including hundreds of providers it is a disaster. These are real people we are talking about who have pain and who have medical conditions that need attending to. But to Republicans they just seem to be part of their social experiment of making a buck off of everything.

Here are the videos of the hearings held in Des Moines Monday August 29th. They are long but quite informative:

1) Listening Post part 1 (60 minutes)

2) Listening Post part 2 (51 minutes)

3) Oversight Hearing part 1 (58 minutes) – Actual meeting starts @8 minutes in.

Note: Documents mentioned in this video can be found at…

4) Oversight Hearing part 2 (2 hours 35 minutes)

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