Sunday Funday: Is Anyone Covering Hillary Edition?

Still running, just can't be seen for the train wreck on the other side.

Still running, just can’t be seen for the train wreck on the other side.

Watching what little media we do along with what little radio we consume – mostly NPR – there seems to be a decided lack of coverage of the Democratic side of presidential contest. The old axiom in the news business is that if it bleeds it leads. There is certainly no denying where the bleeding is happening right now.

The bleeding is being caused by the train wreck of a campaign on the Republican side. It is actually not just a train wreck, it is more like the movie “Groundhog” was about a train wreck and this guy keeps waking up and it is train wreck day again. And it happens over and over and over and over, just like in “Groundhog.” Only this is a presidential campaign and it is time to focus on serious issues rather than just covering the endless train wreck.

I do have a feeling that this Republican campaign will be immortalized in book and film, mostly comedies. too bad the title “Trainwreck” has already been used.

Were you paying attention? Pretty busy for a quiet August.

1) Wow! Feet of rain fell particularly in what state last week?

2) Ivanka Trump was seen hanging out in Croatia last weekend with the girlfriend of what international leader?

3) Conservative website Breitbart conducted a poll to show that other polls were wrong. How much did they show Trump leading by?

4) In a huge story last Sunday, the New York Times uncovered payments made by a pro-Russian Ukranian political party to what major republican campaign operative?

5) Iowa got a visit from what major Democratic politician Wednesday?

6) Despite his well known obstruction what Iowa politician ironically touted his bipartisanship in a weekly Republican radio address last weekend?

7) Fifty-seven years ago today we sewed that 50th star on the flag for what state?

8) Two House Republicans, Jason Chaffetz and Bob Goodlatte, announced yet another investigation of who?

9) “The Nightly Show” was cancelled by Comedy Central last week. Who was the host of “The Nightly Show”?

10) It appears that Donald Trump may participate in the presidential debates. He hired who as a debate coach last week?

11) The Obama Administration set new standards for fuel efficiency for what class of vehicles last week?

12) What long standing political show host passed away last week at the age of 89?

13) What old disease once thought well under control seems poised for a comeback as stockpiles of vaccines dwindle in Central Africa?

14) What major Trump supporter claimed last week that “there were no terrorist attacks in the US until Obama became President”?

15) Which presidential candidate received their first security briefing last week?

16) Secretary Clinton stopped to visit what pop idol of her youth as both happened to be in Cleveland at the same time?

17) Russia launched air strikes into Syria from what unexpected location last week?

18) Aetna’s withdrawal from much of the ACA seems to have been triggered by the Dep’t of Justice’s attempt to stop their merger with what other insurance company?

19) The Drug Enforcement Agency refused to reschedule what drug, thus delaying research for possible medicinal applications?

20) To show her support of the nation’s police, Hillary Clinton met with what group Thursday?

Tweet from Keith Olbermann: But Conway and Bannon, @RealDonaldTrump? Because George Zimmerman and David Duke weren’t available?


1) Louisiana

2) Vladimir Putin. His current squeeze is former Rupert Murdoch wife Wendy Deng

3) 0, more specifically they had him trailing by only 5 points.

4) Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort

5) Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine

6) Chuck Grassley

7) Hawaii. After that Obama was born there – really.

8) Hillary Clinton.

9) Larry Wilmore

10) Roger Ailes, formerly of Fox News

11) trucks, buses and vans

12) John McLaughlin

13) yellow fever

14) Rudy Guilliani – seems he forgot what happened in his own city while he was mayor

15) Trump

16) Paul McCartney the former Beatle

17) Iran

18) Humana

19) marijuana

20) the nation’s top law enforcement officials

School is back in session next week, just in case you notice the kids are gone.

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