Want A Great Reason To Vote For Democrats?

How about continuing Net Neutrality?

Just below the Supreme Court justice issue in the senate, the internet is the best reason to vote for all Iowa democratic national candidates: Patty Judge for senate, Monica Vernon in the first district, Jim Mowrer in the third district, Kim Weaver to bounce Steve King in the fourth and of course Dave Loebsack in the second district.

Any discussion of issues has been pretty much abandoned on our main stream media. Any attempt to discuss actual issues usually ends up in a shouting match or has false accusations flying all over the place. Such scenes are the hallmark of cable television.

Unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose what news stations we get on cable. We get what the cable company will give us and that is it. As the old line networks became cogs in corporate machines, news departments became profit centers. Less resources were put into the quality of the news and more into whatever would attract eyeballs – glitz and confrontation. Their cable only spawns put that formula on steroids. Fox News – low quality, high glitz and confrontation – is the very epitome of the new norm.

No substance, loads of misleads, loads of adults acting like children. Lousy way to become an informed citizens isn’t it?

So what do most of us do to become informed without the distractions of the cable media circus? Most of us will probably answer that they will go to the internet where they can find in depth articles and discussion concerning issues. Of course there is plenty of crap, but we develop our own tools and screening processes to ferret out stories that are truthful and well sourced. We look stories based in logic and reality.

Unlike cable TV, on the internet we are not handed specific news sources, but instead we have at our fingertips tons of news sources from across the ideological spectrum and from across the world. We also have access to a plethora of entertainment and sports choices not just the few provided by the cable companies. All this because access on the internet is neutral. Access to a small site about some minute issue is just as easy as going to a major corporate site. This is how it should be in a democracy.

What if internet access became just as closed as it is on cable TV. What if there were various levels of access based on what you can pay just like cable? That would really suck, wouldn’t it?

Well, that is the Republican dream for the internet. Controlling access to websites in a manner similar to cable or satellite provider.

With a basic pack are you get a couple of sports websites, maybe youtube, many Christian sites, news and opinion sources that lean very right like Red States, Fox News, Breitbart and so on. You may have to move up 2 or 3 packages to get to sites like dailykos or Talking Points Memo.

Think this won’t happen? This is the very model that Republicans are pushing through legislation that will override the FCC rulings and put the internet into the hands of corporations like Verizon, AT&T and others.

Vote Republican and this is what you will be voting for. If the House, Senate and president are Republican, this will be one of the first bills that will get passed. Then you can kiss the open access you have now goodbye.

If you like the open access to the internet that you have now, vote for Democrats across the board.

Dave Loebsack, Monica Vernon, Jim Mowrer and Kim Weaver will work to keep our internet access open. Patty Judge is a huge supporter of open internet access.

While you turn on your TV and stare blankly at the lousy choices, look at news sources on your cable and realize there is little difference between the lot of them remember that Republicans would love to make your internet experience just as vapid as cable.

Vote in your own interest – vote Democratic.

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